Monday, July 23, 2007


Bronze Trinity has written a post about a current campaign to get the sponsors of HGM to pull their sponsorship of the show. Sponsors such as State Farm have started pulling their sponsorship of HGM. Bronze Trinity has illustrated what is going on in this post titled Stop BETs HOT GHETTO MESS Bronze Trinity has written a post about a current campaign to get the sponsors of BETs Hot Ghetto Mess (HGM) to pull their sponsorship of the show. This campaign is an excellent example of online activism practiced by activist bloggers such as Eddie Griffin and What about our Daughters who is really, really getting up in peoples hind parts, especially BETs. Bronze Trinity has illustrated what is going on in this post titled Stop BETs HOT GHETTO MESS.

I read this article about the upcoming TV show called Hot Ghetto Mess (HGM) yesterday and while I support the website I am appalled at the idea of the TV show because I think BET is trying to clown us for dollars. But the sistah who create the website stands to loose a lot of money over this because I’m sure she had a financial interest in having the show last as long as people will watch. So from her standpoint I can understand why she would want the show to continue and to be as successful as possible.

But even still I think BET had no business even trying to pull this foolishness. I think we gotta make them pay and it would be nice if the afrosphere bloggers/all black bloggers could link this to discussion on their blogs. Because there are email address and other contact information of the offending parties that has been provided by Bronze Trinity and What about our Daughters. Although I don’t get much traffic I am pretty confident that I can influence some people who come to my blog to sign petitions and make at least one call or send an email. Its time to turn up the heat on BET and Viacom. To quote HGM BET and Viacom Gotta do better.

I am going to post about the stop HGM campaign my blog regularly if everyone here who is against the show would post updates and ways your readers can assist What about our Daughters in putting more pressure on BET and Viacom to pull this show I think we make them feel our sore disfavor over this matter and force BET to stop their cooning. Please do not underestimate the power and impact that bloggers can have on public policy and other societal issues of great concern such as whether or not BETs coon move to force HGM on the public will be tolerated. Remember bloggers have taken down politicians please remember how they swift boated John Kerry in 04. So we can make BET take this Mess off of the airwaves but we can also make them stop their cooning.

Anyway if anyone has any suggestion on how to further go after BET and what we should we further request as our pound of flesh for their cooning please come over to THE SOLUTIONS BLOG and let us know. Eddie has left some good ideas over there and Bronze has linked to what about about our daughters and her is a quote from her explaining exactly what folks can do to help this battle.

“On July 25, 2007, “Hot Ghetto Mess” watch parties are being scheduled in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, the District of Columbia and the list of locations keeps growing.
Those attending the watch parties will be recording which companies purchase advertisements during the show. The coalition then plans to target those businesses with possible boycotts or demonstrations.”

I don’t think watching the July 25 episode of 2007 HGM and recording which advertisers are funding HGM is a difficult task for many of us who have cable and are at home during that time anyways. Once we collect info about who is sponsoring that show we can make the advertisers known to all afrosphere members who can blog about it and leave contact info on their blogs then we can really ram our Tim’s/heels up in Viacom/BET’s hind parts. Our intentions are not to make to close them down, go out of business or damage them financially but to re-educate BET in order that they stop cooning and trying to see cash while making the rest of us look bad.

Lets make them do better and lets kick their hind parts so bad that we can get them to fund an education and history website/blog that features tutorials, teach aids such as school house rock and other similar techniques along with advise and participation who are the best teachers of black youth in America. This website will be designed to promote history and education.

This they should have to do this as their pittance. They could drop our organization the funds and then let us create the blog/website, this website/blog which would have free tutorials audio/video and free downloads available to be used in ipods and a whole lot of other interactive features designed to help our kids learn and develop.

I mentioned these things because their are discussions of developing a really comprehensive and user friendly black history blog over at the afrosphere forum and this blog will be free to the public. This website could be funded by the settlement from BET for their cooning and it ain't just HGM they must pay pittance for those guys have been cooning for years some of their shows reflect pure coonery and they have the nerve to tell the black American public that we have to do better. Well the same goes for BET and we will force them to do better.

Please share what our daughters ongoing battle with BET on your blog and please help her and others in their righteous fight to make BET stop cooning. Thanks for reading this folks.


Sleeperwithheavyeyes said...

I don't have a lot of confidence in BET, and I don't have great expectations for the Hot Ghetto Mess. In fact I think BET does a lot of bad television because they know their the only viable African American network, but I have to ask, has anyone actually seen the show that their talking about. I'd hate to jump on the anti-hgm bandwagon before I know what i'm against.

Hathor said...

I left a comment here yesterday. I think I did everything I was supposed to do.

Dangerfield said...

Thank you Hathor they have now renamed the show. Anyway you can check out the story here The site is called what about our daughters the bloggers name is Gina and she is brilliant. She needs our support immediately she is getting ready to put her foot the a@s of any corporation in america that sponsors or produces material degrading to black peoople. Please support this lady I dont agree with everything she says or blogs about but she is doing something constructive.

Hope all is going well with you Hathor.

Dangerfield said...

Homeland the campaign is on chill mode until after the viewing parties on tommorow night. Anyway it is a interesting tale how it all went down.

You can listen to Ginas(what about our daughters) podcast about it. It is very engaging and eddie griffin makes an appearence I really like that guy he is fighting for the dignity of black people.