Monday, April 24, 2006

Black Think Tank

Some of the issues and problems that black people are facing are things that I believe can be easily reduced, if we create a group attitude of Non tolerance for generally selfish and self destructive behavior. For instance I believe that the infection rate of HIV Amongst African Americans can be drastically reduced within 5 years and maybe even controled in 15 years if the community, church, school, parents, friends and siblings all expressed the need to make condom use an extremely high priority. It would also help if we began an open and honest dialog about the sexual behavior and habbits of African Americans that have led to the out of control Hiv rate amongst blacks. If we focused our energy torwards changing attitudes and behaviours hurtful to so many black people, the way we focus on clothes and bieng socially accepted amongst each other we could start to pull ourselves out of this mess we are in. To be honest abstinence would best way to stop sexually transmitted deasieas, but I dont think thats going to happen anytime soon. It hasnt happen in the last 50 years. So as a communtity we should began to aggressively protect ourselve by using condoms. To tell the truth this is a piece of common sense that is 30 years overdue. I also believe that black men should be contributing more to thier families and communities.This is also a bit of common sense that is also 30 years overdue. I believe we could get more black men back into the family by having wide scale afterschool mentoring programs that focus on family and community service. These programs would consist of evening and summer camp sessions. These sessions would focus on reprograming and developing these young men. I have personally worked with youth from the Washinton DC community, over total a period of 6 months we put together 2 musical and talent showcases. These showcases featured music, peotry, dancing and singing .We awarded 1st, second and third place prizes. The youth sold tickets which paid the bills and they worked hard during rehearsals and ended up developing 2 pretty good showcases.The people in attendance along with the contestants enjoyed themselves. The parents were actually part of the process and I got the impression that there are lots of parents who are actively supporting thier kids in whatever it is the youth want to do. To be honest I think I enjoyed the process as much as any of the youth. I think we could expand these types of programs, I know we could get volunteers as both highschool and college students need volunteer hours to graduate. Thier are youth employment programs all through out the country ran by city and local goverment. I would love to get some military people involved, because in my oppinion the military has transformed more knucle heads into men than any other orginization in the country. Plus they have proven that they can get people from totally different backrounds to work together to accomplish a commont goal. In my oppinion the common goal should be our communities and families. Mark

2) Aids in in the black community.
3) How to successfully promote, teach and motivate young black men to read, write and communicate effectively.
4) How to keep our social orginizations such as the urban league, Naacp on the forfront of what our what our community needs
5) Things black men can do that would make a practical difference in our communites.
6) Have clearly defined goals and an accountibility componet to any ideas or programs that may be established


cynthia said...

One of the problems with Black people is that we don't know science. We don't read the scientific journals. If we did, we would have known since 1997 that HIV can't be sexually transmitted. We would have known that the so-called increase in HIV/AIDS in the Black community is due to the fact they will not treat us for Hepatitis. Most of our problems stem from the fact that we are letting White people define what our problems are.

mark said...

Cynthia Ill be honest, I dont have any idea of what your taking about but let me know where I can find out that Hiv is not spread through sexual activity. Even if this is true it changes nothing of what I said because the black community is still suffering from the affects of out of wedlock births, births of kids by people who are not ready, birth of kids by fathers who have no intention of taking care of their kids. So the black church is still criminally negligent in my mind. When you say they wont treat us for hepatitis arent we responsible for finding out if something is wrong and getting it treated. Also in regards to your comment about reading science journal, blacks wont read anything( remember the saying if you want to keep something from black people put in a book). As for letting white people define our problems, All ill say is this I am sick and tired of people talking about white people when we have so many overwhelming issues to deal with, and if most of our problems stem from us letting white people define what are problems are. Who's fault is that. I think we should concentrate on what it is we can do to improve on our own. Once weve done that then perhaps we should worry about white people. Thank you for checking out my blog. Mark

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Mark ,

I agree Mark with what you have said, and regarding white people it is true too many blacks let whites define what their opinions are on various topics but you see hites do not trust the knowledge and opnions that blacks give about certain topics. But blacks trust the opinion of whites, interesting HUH! I study and learn and then form my own opinion about various topics and issues. This also makes blacks who let whites form their opinions for them look inferior and makes whites look superior. Black people form your own opinions just like the white race does.

By Chance

bygpowis said...

i like the whole think tank thing. have you been finding like minds on the blogs? this is where it can start. there are a lot of other issues involved with our people in the 21st century. i started on the ones that came fresh to me. visit the bygpowis site and let me know what you think. more to follow.

Anonymous said...

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