Friday, June 29, 2007


This morning I was running late for work. Because of this when got off the train at L'Enfant Plaza to transfer to the next one I quickly went up the escalator and sprinted to catch the train waiting at the platform going to Virginia from dc. Although I manage to catch the train, as I was running ten bucks fell out of my pocket. Fortunately for me their was a brotha who was running right behind me as I sprinted to catch the train who called out to me and then returned the ten dollars to me. I really appreciated this act of kindness from a stranger.

Now over the years I have lost money on various occasions and very rarely have I had it returned except one time when I was in a club and some bills fell out of my pocket and hit the floor. Likewise I have always returned money to folks who dropped it if I knew who dropped it. One time a gentlemen dropped 100 dollars (also on the subway) and since I saw who dropped it, I returned the money.

A few years later while filling up my truck at a gas station I found 40 dollars, I looked around to see if I could see who may have dropped the money but their was only one other person at the gas station and they pulled in after I was already their. Not seeing who the money belonged to I decided to wait at the gas station, after waiting for about 30 minutes and seeing no one come back to the gas station looking for the money I went ahead and drove home 40 dollars richer that night. When I told my co-workers this the next day they thought I was silly to have waited around but I explained to them that, the forty dollars I found could have been the last of that persons money and could have been drawn out of a bank account now empty.

Anyway I like to believe in Karma and perhaps my good deeds in the area of finding money and returning it over the years perhaps swayed the cosmic balance of the universe in my favor this time but I don't know. Ill tell you this I don't really believe in what goes around comes around simply because of all of the innocent people suffering because of the selfish and bad decisions made by others. But I am grateful to the brotha who returned my cash this morning and it was a nice way to start the day off. Have a great day folks.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hello folks this post is about nothing important. Just a post lamenting my severe annoyance and distaste about comment moderation. I have found that comment moderation kills any kind of debate one may try to engage in. You see a nice juicy vulnerable comment that you would like to address you type in your comment and then the comment moderation label comes up and says this comment is waiting for moderation from the owner of the blog. The reason why I hate comment moderation is because if a comment is over the top or goes againt the blog owners comment policy the owner of the blog can always delete any offensive comment later on. So instead of limiting free speach why not just delete comments you dont like later on that day? Please people turn the comment moderation off!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


OK folks I found this you tube video of an incredible battle between buffalo, lion and crocodiles. First buffalo come down to the lake for nice cool drink of water, where they are spotted by some hungry lion who then chase the herd and manage to knock a baby into the lake. As the lion are attempting to pull the buffalo out of the lake a crocodile grabs hold of the buffalo. After a short battle the lions manage to pull the buffalo up onto the bank. As the lions attempt to feed the buffalo is still crying, the crying buffalo alerts and brings the herd to the rescue. Eventually the buffalo manage to save their baby and put a smack down on those lions. I hope you enjoyed the you tube. Peace.


I was listening to NPR a few days back. Their was a story about Ruth Graham the late wife of the Reverend billy graham. Ruth Graham was born in 1920, in china to parents who were medical missionaries from the Presbyterian church.

Mrs Graham remained a Presbyterian even though she was married to one of the worlds most influential baptist of all time. Now what I cant understand is this, why didn't Mrs. Graham convert to being a baptist if it doesn't matter which sect you are as it relates to getting to heaven. Whats so important about the individuals sects that a woman married to one of the most famous baptist in the world couldn't switch sects to his sect especially if it made no difference in getting to heaven.

Are the differences in sect not important and if they aren't important why didn't Mrs. Graham switch her sect to that of baptist. If it is important, then how come she didn't try to get the Reverend Graham to switch to being a Presbyterian. How come she didn't insist that her children be raised Presbyterian if remaining a Presbyterian was important to matters of the getting to the after life.

Now I know back in the day,the various different sects believed that all of the other group(s) were going to hell except their particular group. This is part of the reason why the Klan also harassed Catholics as well as blacks because they didn't see them or blacks as humans it is also the reason that Americans were apprehensive about voting for the CATHOLIC John Kennedy because mistrust and fear had been massaged into the American phyche and it all stems from that clause in religion that says YOU ARE GOING TO HELL IF YOU DON'T BUY WHAT I AM SAYING. After all if your going to spend eternity in hell you cant be a human being can you?

When you say someone isn't going to heaven because of their sect you really are saying they are not human beings. This thought process has led to more misery, rape, killing and pain than any other reason in human history. In the name of (insert your religion) you are allowed to do unspeakable acts as long as you were turning infidels/non believers to the TRUE word of god and you could do this because they weren't human beings and they aren't going heaven.

So using the simple but ridiculous logic of THE CLAUSE, vast swaths of humanity are labeled non human beings by various branches of religion. Different sects of Christians even label each other non human beings (claiming all others except their sect are going to hell). This is the main reason why the black church and the nation of Islam didn't work together much earlier and in a more substantive way. What if the Nation of Islam could have influenced the majority of black churches to adopt their powerful and revolutionary business and self determination programs. What if the Nation of Islam could have influenced the people in the church to get out their and hit the streets like they did in order to save black folks. How many more lost brothas and sistas could have been saved over the last 40 years. So the black community misses out on all of that enterprise that could have been developed and focused on healing our people because of mistrust between the nation of Islam and the black church essentially because of the clause. Because of the clause and the superficial but visceral divisions THE CLAUSE inspires power christian and Islamic leaders didn't work together on the behalf of black American liberty until way too much precious time had expired.

All of this finally brings me back to the point I was attempting to get at in the first place. If believersof various different sects can get to heaven then why the ridiculous clause and why the different sects that promote division . Of course you could add Islam and Judaism into the mix. When you factor all of this in you have got so many different divisions and interpretations going on it is truly sad and confusing. It is because of all of these divisions that the clause in most religions that claim only people of their sect/faith are going to heaven (are human beings) should be denounced as backwards . If I am too ever take religion seriously again this clause has to be renounced because it is backwards.

I think it is time for the clause to go the way of the dinosaurs as it is an extremely backwards and retarded and divisive way of thinking. I know Ruth and Billy Graham expected to see each other in the promise land in spite of some retarded clause that says only my brand of spirituality will get you to heaven. Peace.


A while back I heard a story on the news about a Washington dc African American judge suing a dry cleaning business for millions of dollars because the dry cleaners lost his favorite pair of paints. The dry cleaner which has signs up stating satisfaction guaranteed first offered to replace Judge Roy Pearson pants, an offer which Pearson refused, the dry cleaners then offered Pearson $12,000 to settle ($12,000 for a pair of lost pants mind you) again Pearson refused this offer from the business owners to settle.

Pearson felt so slighted that for some strange reason he thought he had a right to waste the public coin and time by suing a dry cleaning business for 50 million plus dollars over a pair of pants. This d@ck head actually felt like he had time to frivolously and spitefully waste suing business owners who were clearly sorry about the inconvenience caused to their customer and tried to within in reason to make things right. With all of these young black men growing up in shady circumstances this guy has time to pursue obviously backwards and retarded law suits instead of doing things that will bring about a positive difference in the lives of this seriously at risk population. What a bozo.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Quincy Jones “ I worked with the best singers in the business and everyone thought Ella was the best their was.”

That is a quote from a show about Ella Fitzgerald that came on PBS about a week ago. Of course since Quincy is 0ne of the greatest producers of all time it carries weight. Please remember that Quincy Jones worked with Ray Charles, Dinah Washington and Michael Jackson.

So Quincy knows a little something about singing and musicianship Ill take his word over most. But of course it still all depends on ones opinion and what day it is as well. Anyway like I said Lady Day is my favorite and I have dropped more coin on her than all other singers. Anyway I through talking about this Ill let you decide for yourself. Here are some quotes from famous singers about Ella :

Quotes About Ella Fitzgerald
"The one radio voice that I listened to above others belonged to Ella Fitzgerald. There was a quality to her voice that fascinated me, and I'd sing along with her, trying to catch the subtle ways she shaded her voice, the casual yet clean way she sang the words."-- Doris Day
"Ella's voice becomes the orchestra's richest and most versatile sound." -- Arthur Fiedler
"She has been more famous, over a longer time span, than any other female singer." -- Leonard Feather
"Man, woman or child, Ella is the greatest of them all."-- Bing Crosby
"The best way to start any musical evening is with this girl. It don't get better than this." -- Frank Sinatra
"Music comes out of her. When she walks down the street, she leaves notes." -- Jimmy Rowles
"She has been one of my all-time favorite singers for many years and still is - she's terrific." -- Perry Como
"She was the best. She was the best there ever was. Amongst all of us who sing, she was the best."-- Johnny Mathis
"Every other singer, male or female, if they're lucky, they listen to Ella." -- Pat Boone
"I call her the High Priestess of Song." -- Mel Torme
"I was there from the beginning, and it was obvious from the start what she had that night at the Apollo. My goodness, what she's done with it." -- Benny Carter
"Whatever she does to my songs, she always makes them sound better."-- Richard Rodgers
"There is no voice like that lady. She has it all. She's complete."-- Louie Bellson
"Ella is simply the greatest singer of them all."-- Pearly Bailey
"Ella's musicianship is just incredible. Playing with her is like playing with a full orchestra."-- Ed Thigpen
"Ella's amazing! My daughter says that every time she makes a mistake, it becomes a hit record."-- Lucille Ball
"If you want to learn how to sing, listen to Ella Fitzgerald."-- Vincente Minnelli
"Ella is the boss lady. That's all." -- Billy Strayhorn
"She brings out the best in everybody, making everyone work that much harder to keep up with her."-- Andy Williams
"It is so much fun to sing with Ella. It is so nice to sing with someone who does more than make a pretty noise." -- Jo Stafford
"She is the most thorough professional I have worked with, every working moment was pure joy."-- Richard Perry
" She is amazingly creative, bringing so much more to a song than just a singer. She is a first-class musician and the most gracious person in the world."-- Marty Paich
"She always encouraged me to create and take my turn in our duets, never playing the star."-- Joe Pass

I wont even say anymore Ill let Ella speak for herself. And oh after listening please don't hate. If I have finally managed to convince you please give Ella her due as the greatest singer of all time. Enjoy and have a great day.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


A while back, me and my buddy created this hypothetical scenario. Here's how it works for whatever reason you can commit any act you want and if you clap your hands twice within thirty seconds of the incident and say do over the incident is erased and you are transported back to the time and place you were, just before you went buck wild.

This is the scenario my buddy came up with. If given this power one day just for spoofing, he would to go work butterball naked save for nothing but flip flops and a purple head ban with the words I WONT TAKE IT ANYMORE stithced on it. Upon arrival at work he would barge into his bosses office and demand a raise of ten times the amount of money he was previously making as well as 2 more weeks of vacation and2 extra weeks of sick leave, while his boss looks at him (lets call the boss Phil) in complete astonishment.

Anyway after Phil runs out of the his office to get security and the cops my friend would be running right behind him, find his way down to the parking lot jack Phil's car, kidnap Phil then lead the police on a movie like car chase through the city of Washington DC (or your particular favorite city).

After a wild scene of racing through the city at 100 mph plus speeds, driving onto the sidewalks and into oncoming traffic, eventually my buddy pulls out a gun and starts shooting out of the back of the window during the speed chase, he empties the gun reloads and continues to poor fire at the cops. Now please remember that this guy was naked so where the heck he stashed a gun and ammo at, is beyond me.

Of course when I pointed this out to my buddy about how the gun and reloading the gun didn't make any sense on account of him being naked and having no place to stash a gun, his response was , this is my adventure If I want a gun and lots of ammo then I get to have a gun and lots of ammo and besides magic do overs don't exactly make sense either. Anyway in my friends tale the car eventually crashes and he runs out of ammo as the cops are closing in on him he sprints into the woods yelling incoherent insults at the cops. When the cops finally do catch up with him, he claps his hands twice, says do over and is instantaneously transported back to his house 30 minutes before work begins.

He dresses, drives to work and during that evening he is just as nice to Phil as you could want. Of course if I had that kind of power I would only use it for good but what about the rest of you guys. If you could have a do over what type of escapades would you victimize or bless the world with?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A long, long time ago, during the early 1990's I found myself walking down the road on my way to a job interview. I had just gotten off the subway and If I remember correctly I was running late. Anyway I needed to get to the interview and I didn't know if I had enough time to walk or if I needed to pick up the pace, so as I walked down the hill towards my destination I saw several people passing me on their way to the subway.

I needed to find out what time it was as I continued on my journey I passed several ladies but declined to ask them the time because I though they may have assumed I was trying to run game on them and get the digits which wasn't the case all (of course if one of them had offered the digits I may have accepted but I digress). Eventually I happened upon a serious and tough looking dude and for some reason I decided to ask that brotha the time. Based on the look on his face I kinda thought he would scowl or ignore me all together. Turns out he did neither the brotha smiled one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen in my life, pleasantly told me what time it was and continued on his way.

As I walked away I felt a lot better and actually my faith in humanity was reassured because that incident was a positive one when I wasn't expecting it. So remember folks a smile shared with another human being especially when that human being may be feeling down and in agony can influence an individual to have a terrific day.

This just goes to show that in the end its all about positivity. Have a great day folks.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Best that ever did it. Mark Bey

I started watching football back in the early eighties. Back then, Walter Payton was the man. I remember watching him break the great Jim Brown's all time rushing record. I remember his last play against the redskins. Over the years I have heard people debate who was the greatest of all time. Some say Jim Brown, some say Walter Payton and many believe it was Barry Sanders.

Well I too am in the Barry Sanders Camp. Now I know many will disagree those who think it is Walter Payton in my opinion are homers who are usually from Chi-Town or they are older people. The people who think Jim Brown is the Greatest of all time are usually old timers as well but they are reminiscing about the good old days.

In my opinion the fact the Barry Sanders is the greatest running back of all time is just as obvious as Micheal Jordan being the greatest basketball player of all time. However Barry Sanders does not get the majority consensus that Jordan does as to being the greatest. Also another reason why Barry Sanders has not gotten a majority consensus on being the greatest running back of all time is because theirs not much separating #s 1 and 2 or even 3 for that matter. think

Now no doubt Walter Payton and Jim brown are probably two and three on the all time list with Jim Brown holding down the 2 spot and Walter Payton the third. Walter Payton are probably amongst the top 3 with of course Barry Sanders being # 1. The fact that all three of these great running backs at their prime were heads and shoulders above all other running backs then playing is also a factor in blurring the debate. But where Payton falls off the list is the fact that his productivity had drastically falling during his later years this is not the case with Jim brown or Barry sanders. Which leaves us Barry Sanders and Jim Brown.

Here are 3 reasons in my opinion that clearly qualifies Barry Sanders as the greatest running back of all time.

1)They both averaged over 5 yards a carry and they both averaged over 100 Yards per game with Barry Sanders averaging 100.6 Rushing yards/game and Jim Brown at 104.3. One may argue that Jim Brown averaged more yards per game than Barry Sanders, my response to that would be this, the level of competition was much higher during Barry Sanders time. It is a fact that today's players are faster, bigger and quicker at every position than during Jim Browns time.

2) The anticipation and excitement factor. Much like Michael Jordan , Barry Sanders was a baller who was liable to do something breathtaking every time he touched the ball. Simply put you couldn't take your eyes off of him.

3) Lastly there is the fact that at times Barry Sanders literally toyed with defenses in ways and on a level which had never been seen and he did it his whole career even during his final year.

It is for these reasons and a few others that I have now pulled out the anointing oil and crown Barry Sanders the Greatest running back of all time. If you don't think so then just take a look for yourself.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


OK if you read my blog enough then you know I have this huge antagonism towards all religion's of the world. One thing that irks me, is the proclamation that all people are going to hell except the followers of that particular religion. What makes my antagonism flow into the hatred side of things (at times) in particular is this. Black people 90% of whom admit to being Christians make up roughly 13% of the population but make up.

  • 67 percent of all HIV cases amongst children.

  • black women make up 7% percent of the total population but are 70% of all new HIV cases in certain areas of the country.

  • Over 70% of all black kids are born out of wedlock.

  • Roughly half of all black kids are raised by single mothers with no help from the fathers(this has been going on for a long time)

  • A very high percentage of black homicide victims were raised in single parent homes.

  • A very high percentage of black men incarcerated were raised in single parent homes.

These statistics are not new information to the general black community most of us are aware of these sad statistics. Many of us grew up in homes and environments that lead straight to these negative statistics. If I know this, then so do the preachers, many of whom are brilliant individuals. But its not just because of those facts listed above that I am enraged at the black church.

I am also sore over the fact that black preachers are capable of motivating their flock to heights of emotionalism that other preachers aren't able to do. Its a gift that god has blessed us (black folk) with in my opinion. Also black church services are 70% longer than white church services but the preachers in our churches do not emphasize education, saving money, financial literacy, father hood specifically (but better parenting practices in the black community generally), community service to clean up the neighborhoods the churches are located in (where millions of black youth all over the country live and suffer in), debate and conflict resolution classes as much as they emphasize music which is less important than those other things I mentioned. Their are dozens of other progressive programs that the black church in general should be implementing 24x7 365 days of the year in the cause of progress for the African American community.

I am also furious at the black church for pushing fairy tales about aids being a curse by god against homosexuals when the bible absolutely doesn't state or imply this and Magic Johnson, Eazy E and author ashe all contracted it from ways other than homosexual activity over ten years ago. I am also furious at the thousands of brilliant and educated black church members who allow the preachers to high jack the spirituality of Christianity to push a retarded close minded agenda that has more to do with stroking the preachers vanity and signifying than helping and healing a sick and spiritually injured black American population. I cant understand why some of the more progressive members in every church don't confront the preachers on their BS and demand the church (preachers) demonstrate leadership in some of these areas where a good portion of the African American population are taking it on the chin.

Lastly I cannot for the life of me understand why the black church has not started advising blacks from the pulpit to use condoms when they know we are having premarital sex(which most folks do). They are all well aware of the fallout the black American population has suffered behind the birth of all of these kids to parents who were not ready a lot of whom who had no intention of modifying their behavior to become proactive and good parents. They are also aware of the fact that the majority of people of all races in America do not wait until they are married to have sex. In fact many black preachers come from backgrounds where they were once playboys and way too many of them have been caught in adulterous affairs or have had children out of wedlock but still they dont advise from the pulpit to use condoms if folks arent married.

The shenanigans of way too many black clergy is not something mysterious or unknown amongst the American black population.We all know what a lot of preachers did and are still doing, all's you gotta do is ask some of the ladies in the congregations of these Church's about the behavior of some of the preachers. Now I ain't saying that all black preachers and churches are crooked but folks in the black community know that our preachers are not puritans or pious in any way shape or form. All of us in the black community know that some of these preachers are involved in affairs and are well familiar with premarital sex on a personal level.

In spite of the fact that no one living can offer any single solitary shred of proof that the bible is accurate against all other religions, their is no proof that any of those folks in the bible waited until they were married to have sex ( in fact the bible is full of tales of adultery and other lust inspired stories) in spite of the bible's proclamation that having sex before marriage is a sin reality that I have always seen is that most people have no intention of waiting until marraige to have sex. The black preachers are insisting that the black American population stay true to an ideal of waiting until marriage to have sex when reality says that 90% of all Americans do not wait until marriage to have sex. Inspite of black people dying of aids in unacceptable #s a the church wont stand up and recommend strongly that black Americans use condoms if not married. They wont recomend condom use amongst unmarried black people when they know full well what is going on.

This I cannot understand, I really wish some christian, church member or black preacher would explain to me why the church has not advocated a policy of endorsing condom use amongst black Americans from the pulpit especially when they are fully aware of all of the suffering the black community is doing because of unplanned kids resulting from unprotected sex. I cannot understand why the black church and too many black Christians are allowed to get away with retarded behavior and ignoring the aids issue.

I really wish a christian or preacher would enlighten me on this topic.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I have been blogging for slightly over a year know. In that time I have learned a lot about people and human nature. Although I am on the net to enlighten myself and to network with like minded folks I have found that some folks are only interesting in spreading propaganda.

The propaganda comes in various forms some of it is racist, some of it is black men and women bashing each other, some of it is to blame the system/man/racism for every single dysfunction and problem experienced by the black community and absolve folks (black) harming the black community of all responsibility for the harm they are doing.

What I cant understand about the folks who CLAIM to believe that the American government is responsible for every last dysfunction in the black community is this, why aren't these folks spending every dropped of energy they have:

  • Creating jobs for black men who are at risk of being arrested and thrown in jail.
  • Creating business that serve the black community based on the spending habits and needs of black people.
  • Totally divesting themselves from the American economy as much as possible and creating a model that other activist can use in order to hoard our resources for the good of black America but also not enrich a government folks claim is killing black people.

The apologist for the Neanderthal behavior currently going on in too much of the black community make me want to strangle them at times. I have come to the believe that blaming the system (or some other boogie man) is a religion with some of these folks. At some point and time adults must look into the mirror and tell themselves the truth and the truth is this even if the man/system is responsible for all of the dysfunctions going on in the black community black Americans ( and those of the entire diaspora) will have to change the way we are doing things others wise what is going on will only get worse. But of course this type of thinking makes too much sense to people who want to do nothing but cry, cry, cry about the man without actually doing anything to prevent the man killing us as the apologist claim the man is doing.

It is for these reasons that when I come across thoughtful bloggers it makes me want to scream with joy. After debating the apologist and then seeing them act like I am speaking a foreign language when you run into folks who have common sense in their heads it is a great feeling.

For these reasons when I come across folks like Field Negro, JMW, DC, Native Son and James Manning who are thoughtful, reasonable and serious about changing the mentality of the America black population it gives me renewed hope and inspiration that their are enough warriors out their in black America who are willing to be honest and fight for what they know is right. Also I just happen to like really like these guys because of the positive and progressive energy they radiate. Now their are thousands of others bloggers who fall into this category and if I didn't include you don't take it personally and know that I value all of the positive all truthful bloggers out their searching for the truth.

Thank you for reading this post.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


The Tunne Inn
OK folks I blogged about this activist citizen before. Now she has struck again with this you tube video of an inexcusably dirty bath room. The offending bathroom is located in a Restaurant called Tunes Inn.
This restaurant is located in the Capitol hill section of Washington DC about a 5 minute bike ride from where I sit blogging this. Although this Lady hasn't been blogging very long the potential impact of this form of activism she is using is an effective, simple and power tool to bring change on local levels all over the country.
For all of my blog friends in the Washington DC metro area here is the telephone # to the The Tune Inn331 Pennsylvania Ave. SE Washington, DC 202-543-2725. Feel free to call this establishment and let them know that the citizens of the Nations Capitol would like for them to clean up their bathroom.

Friday, June 08, 2007


I believe that we black folk can fund a cure for aids or at least move the process along a whole lot quicker than it is currently moving. I have no idea how long it will take but it cant hurt to think on such ideas and if they are workable, start planning them. I also believe that such an initiative could bear fruit that could save millions and millions of black peoples lives and protect the health of those currently at risk of being infected. Many of the people who will die are themselves parents so if they are saved or even kept alive longer this means life would be at least a little better millions of children.

Now imagine this, what if some progressive and creative thinking folks and organizations got together to educate black people on the aids issue. How its spread, exactly what to do to prevent it and how to properly treat ones self if infected. No more fairy tales about aids being a curse by god against gays pushed by the church. No more denial, stigma or prejudice against those who have aids and serious counseling services for those infected should be provided by the church.

I believe these things can be accomplished and brought into existence in a way that will begin to influence behavioral changes in the black community on a large scale. As far as the past goes that cant be changed but from here on forward we should work together to promote safe life style choices that will protect ourselves and children.

I think we should engage in a mass treatment and training program targeted at the black community, organized and conducted by the churches and our other social institutions like the NAACP, Urban League etc. This training program would include what type of medicine that is needed, how and where to get it and the proper way to take and administer the medication.

Another idea I have been thinking on is a Lou Rawls inspired telethon targeted at improving the health of black people. Once again the churches and all of our other social organizations can promote this project and spread the word and info about it. We would have a 2 hour telethon called the black health day telethon. This telethon would be used to raise money to fund an initiative designed to stimulate research leading to a cure for aids. Institutions such as Bill Clintons and the Gates foundation could advise on which studies and projects to fund using the money we have raised.

Now in a perfect world magic Johnson would host this telethon, we could have a line up of twelve known artist people such as.

  • L.L Cool J

  • Erica Badu

  • Jill Scott

  • Lauryn Hill

  • Common

  • MosDef

  • Jay Z

  • Nas

  • Stevie Wonder

  • OutKast

  • Alisha Keys

  • Prince

The performers would perform and then say something inspirational, then Magic and the artist could stand their and tell everyone to please pledge as much as they could and that the money was going to an organization that does nothing but promote research in the areas of curing aids. This organization should be on the cutting edge treatment and research as far aids goes. We could have an independent organization investigate all of our financial transactions then later publish that information to assure our donors that we are transparent and efficient in our use of funds. The transparency point could be something that Magic could emphasize when hosting the telethon.

Last idea on this matter we could manufacture and sell very simple but perpetually needed products like tissue, napkins, soap deodorant, etc. Try to get Folks to buy as much of our goods as possible with all of the profits going to finding a cure for aids. For instance if every black person were to buy tissue or soap from this potential supplier instead of their local grocery store think how much money could be generated and added to the search for a cure. I guess the "Newman"s Own" brand would be a prime example of the type of operation I am talking about or at least one that could be tailored to this project. I’m thinking billions of dollars a year could be generated by simply rerouted the buying habits of black Americans.

All of that money could be used on research for finding a cure for aids and I’m talking about a Manhattan Project type of effort or some of that John Kennedy " America will put a man on the moon in ten years type action with resources to back it up. I guess this could represent the African Americans population's own version's of those mandates. One of the progressive things that would come out of a project such as this one is, we would have a working, living model of action on how to effectively get after crippling social issues. Most the African American population would be empowered.

We could have this started in the next 2 years in my opinion. Perhaps if we are good enough at raising money and promoting the right climate for something like this, we could get everyone in America on treatment who needs it thus keeping millions of Americans alive until a cure is finally discovered and made available to all in need.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I remember during one of my first jobs I worked with a gentlemen named Mr. Chin. Mr. Chin was all that one could hope for in a human being. Mr. Chin was a strong black brotha although you couldn't talk that African stuff to him cause he'd say something like I ain't leave nothing in Africa. Mr. Chin use to tell me stories of the black community in DC during the 19 thirties, forties, fifties and sixties.

During one of our conversations he mentioned that the rail yards in S.E Washington DC (not far from the Frederick Douglas house) had a flock of sheep grazing on the surrounding grass lands during WW2. He also mentioned that the sheep had to be protected by armed guards. I wondered out loud if it was because of the fact that people would steal the sheep. Mr. Chin said no, the reason was keep people from getting at the sheep.

I looked at Mr. Chin Incredulous as he sat their nodding his head in affirmation of what he had just told me. Then in low whispered tones he told me that a female sheep's privates look just like a woman's privates. Although people having relations with sheep is not an unheard of occurrence's in the annals of human history for me it was a shock every bit as much a shock as when I found out that people actually urinated in the shower and bathtub instead of getting out and doing the right thing(using the toilet).

Anyway later on at another job an old school cat from the south told me about the time he and his cousin attempted to bang a sheep as teenagers. He told me that one time during a visit by his aunt and uncle that he and his cousin had peeled off from everyone else, eventually they made their over to where the sheep were kept. I don't know exactly what lead them to it but eventually his cousin attempted to have relations with one of the sheep. After some initial back and forth tussling between sheep and man (my co-workers cousin) the sheep managed to get my co-workers cousin up off of him, by squirting sh#t on him and forcing him to spend the remainder of his visit outside.

Me and my other co-worker sat their cracking up. I then asked him If everything had gone as planned would have gone up in the sheep , to this he meekly said yes which cracked me and my other co-worker up again. At some point in the conversation another co-worker mentioned an incident where in which one of her relatives had try to stick it to cow. Over the years I have heard further confirmation of people and farm animals getting it on I guess it just goes to show you how imaginative humans can be.

But all jokes aside I have long ago come to the conclusion that people have been doing things like this ever since they first started domesticating cattle, sheep, goats etc. I can imagine some poor Shepperd back during biblical times feeding his sheep in some pasture dozens of miles and days away from home. His wife is six months pregnant and ain't giving him no loving at this time.

Also keep this in mind shepherds were probably the first group of people to discover the similarities between the female sheep and female human women and people who work with and around animals KNOW their animals. Plus when you add in the fact that their have probably been millions and millions of shepherds practicing the profession over the last 5000 years that would make it almost a forgone conclusion that some misguided individual(s) would cross the line, slip over to the dark side and start laying pipe to innocent sheep.

Nothing is new underneath the sun nothing. I don't even think that very many things are truly original because everything we learn, know and understand was created and is based off of the things discovered by those who came before us even getting it on with sheep. However just because man and sheep have been getting to know each other in the biblical context for a long, long time I still do not condone harassing innocent sheep. Cats who harass innocent sheep now and in biblical times were and are some sick puppies, them boys need to get a hobby.

Monday, June 04, 2007


I believe the creativity and brilliance of one person can have an atomic explosive type of effect on large groups of people.

I believe that great changes amongst a people, nation or even the world can be brought about by a small group of committed, serious people/activist. To be totally honest I believe it is possible for one person to bring about great change in the same manner.

I believe that if smart folks point their collective mental energy in a targeted direction the ideas and energy from such a process can make tangible changes in society. A really good idea can inspire a specific individual who's skills and passions are tailor made to working on and bringing further resolution to specific issues hurting the black community.
I like to think of it this way, an atom bomb is able to create an explosion so intensely powerful because their is a mechanism in the detonation process that splits an Atom which releases enormous amounts of energy. Well I believe a form of this atomic/nuclear release of energy can be produced in human beings and groups of human beings in the form of good works and creation of movements and projects that focus on making the world and black America a better place.
If a great idea is produced around highly motivated people who are committed to coming up with an even better implementation strategy for that great idea, if their are extremely talented people that can make that idea seem appealing and logical to the grassroots/urban population of black America then I believe under those circumstances that great societal changing movements and projects can be effective in a relatively short period of time.

A classic example of this is the activism that the Lavatory Lady is using in her battle against restaurants in dc to clean up their bathroom and respect their paying customers. This Shero is taking pictures of offending business with dirty bathroom's and uploading them to the Internet, a few emails by the residents of Washington DC to the owners of the offending restaurants should do the trick. Especially when a few days boycott of specific restaurants can result in the loss of an enormous amount of income for a business owner that can never be recouped.

African Americans should never believe that we are powerless against business that do not treat us with basic respect and dignity. African Americans should never believe that we should have to put up with disrespectful behavior by the american government or anyone other orginization. Their are options we have available no matter what the offense or who the offender is, if only we would collectively decide enough is enough when we are being dissed and abused.

To join and work with a group of committed group of activist please go to the Afrospere Forum, register and then start contributing ideas on what we can do to make life better for African Americans and the world in general. Please do this at your own convience of course.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I am a lover of history (specifically black history). I have a passion for the stories of black americans. You know Nat Love, Frederick Douglass ect. About a year ago I found this excellent website with with dozens of slave narratives on it for free called Documenting the American South. Since I love reading black history anyway I figured why not recorded them onto my hard drive and then upload the audio narratives into the net. Then provide a link to the black history blog

Once that is done I would have then be able to provide a link to the black audio history blog I am currently working on. People could download these links to cd's or ipod, mothers could download this onto thier phone's or ipods and then bring home to their children to use as entertainment during story time or as an instruction tool.

I wanted to get started on this project this summer but sadly the FTP BLUES is bringing me down. I have been thinking about doing this project for a year now and I brought the website with the purpose of hosting this 30 minute black history narraties burned to MP3's. I SPECIFICALLY asked the saleslady if I would be able to do this. I was told thier was a very easy to use tutorial on exactly how to upload Mp3 to server using an FTp client and that thie were actually instructions for several different clients. I specifically made it clear what I wanted to do with audio files and was told that the package I got would allow me to do that easily. The SALESlady probably told me this ish to get me to buy the package.

Now 5 months later it still takes 10 minutes to upload a 3 minute mp3 to my server. This is after hours of reading thier tutorials and trying figure out how to use the few free programs they have listed. I starting to wonder if that saleslady didnt tell me the ish I wanted to hear to get me to purchase my webservice from this company. I have followed the instruction explicitly and Im still not getting anywhere close to Transfering the files I would like to to my server.

What is annoying me is the thought that I may have to go out and buy an FTP program when I dont even know what I need and whether or not it will work properly. I could end up getting suckured again just like with the website I bought. Most annoying is this I am ready, willing and able to get this project moving but atlas the ftp blues is holding me down. If only I knew of a simple to use ftp client I could get this ball rolling this summer but once again the ftp blues will not allow that to happen. So sad.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


About a week ago I came across a story on the news about an activist called the lavatory lady. This activist is a regular citizen with a family and responsibilities just like the rest of us.

I guess in the context of here daily life she got sick of restaurant's and other public establishments not respecting their merchants by keeping the bathrooms clean. This is especially unfair to ladies who have to sit down to use the bathroom.

Somewhere along the line this lady began taking pictures of the offending bathrooms and began uploading them to the Internet and blogs in an attempt to get the employers who own these establishment to clean up their restaurant's.

Now of course some of this was originally in the context of using the bathrooms at different establishments and being outraged that business with paying customers could allow their bathrooms to be so filthy and unsanitary. This blogger/activist has the ability to force every business owner in Washington dc to clean up their act.

I think if a Wickapedia page and simple you tube video featuring pictures and video of the bathrooms where created it would have an enormous impact on mobilizing the greater Washington DC community to participate in such activism.

I think the majority of people can agree that business's that charge consumers money should at least respect those consumers enough to clean up their bathrooms and keep them presentable. I'm thinking that if Lav Lady provided links and email address to the franchise owners as well as the company owners I believe that dramatic, effective and powerful action could be taken immediately.

Major Kudos to the Lav Lady for the brilliant common citizenry activism model she has created. This is a model than can be used on many different fronts, it is accessible to most, inexpensive and simple to employ. Way to go!