Saturday, June 02, 2007


About a week ago I came across a story on the news about an activist called the lavatory lady. This activist is a regular citizen with a family and responsibilities just like the rest of us.

I guess in the context of here daily life she got sick of restaurant's and other public establishments not respecting their merchants by keeping the bathrooms clean. This is especially unfair to ladies who have to sit down to use the bathroom.

Somewhere along the line this lady began taking pictures of the offending bathrooms and began uploading them to the Internet and blogs in an attempt to get the employers who own these establishment to clean up their restaurant's.

Now of course some of this was originally in the context of using the bathrooms at different establishments and being outraged that business with paying customers could allow their bathrooms to be so filthy and unsanitary. This blogger/activist has the ability to force every business owner in Washington dc to clean up their act.

I think if a Wickapedia page and simple you tube video featuring pictures and video of the bathrooms where created it would have an enormous impact on mobilizing the greater Washington DC community to participate in such activism.

I think the majority of people can agree that business's that charge consumers money should at least respect those consumers enough to clean up their bathrooms and keep them presentable. I'm thinking that if Lav Lady provided links and email address to the franchise owners as well as the company owners I believe that dramatic, effective and powerful action could be taken immediately.

Major Kudos to the Lav Lady for the brilliant common citizenry activism model she has created. This is a model than can be used on many different fronts, it is accessible to most, inexpensive and simple to employ. Way to go!


Ced.It/Meant.It said...

I wonder how successful the Lav Lady's campaign to push restaurant owners to maintain the LEGAL cleanliness requirements is going. Thanks for highlighting her "common citizenry activism model" (nice phrase).

mark said...

" Thanks for highlighting her "common citizenry activism model" (nice phrase)."

mark bey: Thank you Ced I think campaigns like hers can make such a big difference. For instance thier is a website where people can uplaod their video of police violations caught on their cell phone. thank you for stopping by Ced.

dc_speaks said...

oh wow. That is wonderful campaign to undertake. She is a shining example of "just do it"...dont talk or complain about it.

she gets mad props.

Bygbaby said...

When I go to a restaurant & see a nasty bathroom, I a) inform the manager & b) leave.


mark said...

@ DC

mark bey: You are correct she gets major props.

@ bygbaby

mark bey: I can understand bygababy. I think if Lav Lady continues to expose these resturaunt owners it will bring change relatively quickly because alls it takes is a 1 week bobycott of offending restaruants and the owners will clean up thier act quick.

Being Mama Daily said...

this is brilliant and basic. amazing what just a bit of caring can accomplish.

mark said...

" this is brilliant and basic. amazing what just a bit of caring can accomplish."

mark bey: You can make this statement over and over and over again.

This is the reason I am always presenting ideas on how to bring about change in the black world.

JustMeWriting said...

dag...that was something else and it's a real shame, because most bathrooms are a hot mess...just crazy.