Tuesday, June 26, 2007


OK folks I found this you tube video of an incredible battle between buffalo, lion and crocodiles. First buffalo come down to the lake for nice cool drink of water, where they are spotted by some hungry lion who then chase the herd and manage to knock a baby into the lake. As the lion are attempting to pull the buffalo out of the lake a crocodile grabs hold of the buffalo. After a short battle the lions manage to pull the buffalo up onto the bank. As the lions attempt to feed the buffalo is still crying, the crying buffalo alerts and brings the herd to the rescue. Eventually the buffalo manage to save their baby and put a smack down on those lions. I hope you enjoyed the you tube. Peace.


Miss Profe said...

I couldn't bring myself to view the clip.

Anyway, the message is clear: There are mammals in the Animal Kingdom that have each others' backs when it's the right thing to do.

mark said...

Mrs. Profe the bufalo actually got away this time and a baby one at that. I guesse the higher purpose I was making with this post is, that we must have each others back no matter what in order to turn the tide on some of the foolish things that are going on in life.

Or you can view as lesson in never giving up, because something good could always happen.

Miss Profe said...

I hear you. And, I'm glad that all's good with the baby buffalo.:)

mark said...

That's so sweet. (Smile)

Bygbaby said...

That was good & I appreciate the connection. I see the lions representing teen pregnancy, hiv/aids, drugs, bad education & racism, classism & finally BET. Spinning off of the old African proverb; it takes a village to defend a child!


Villager said...

Mark ... Thanx for pointing out this post! As you know a brother named Jim Clingman wrote an article on our situation in the Black community which is illustrated visually by the 8-minute YouTube video. Hopefully, more people will take this lesson to heart. Together we are powerful.

Umoja! Villager