Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A while back I heard a story on the news about a Washington dc African American judge suing a dry cleaning business for millions of dollars because the dry cleaners lost his favorite pair of paints. The dry cleaner which has signs up stating satisfaction guaranteed first offered to replace Judge Roy Pearson pants, an offer which Pearson refused, the dry cleaners then offered Pearson $12,000 to settle ($12,000 for a pair of lost pants mind you) again Pearson refused this offer from the business owners to settle.

Pearson felt so slighted that for some strange reason he thought he had a right to waste the public coin and time by suing a dry cleaning business for 50 million plus dollars over a pair of pants. This d@ck head actually felt like he had time to frivolously and spitefully waste suing business owners who were clearly sorry about the inconvenience caused to their customer and tried to within in reason to make things right. With all of these young black men growing up in shady circumstances this guy has time to pursue obviously backwards and retarded law suits instead of doing things that will bring about a positive difference in the lives of this seriously at risk population. What a bozo.


dc_speaks said...

Mark, you hit the nail on the head. What a waste of time and tax payers money. Thank you for bringing this loser to the forefront of our attention.

good going, brother Mark.

Homeland Colors said...

Self importance in our middle and upper middle class is a big part of our problem as African Americans. If you wonder why the public education system in d.c. is in bad shape, its cause of self important jerks like the judge who have positions of prominence. And we as African Americans have to be the ones who call them out and not defend these jerks. Good post man.

romancing the crone said...

I recently found your site and appreciate it as a bastion of reality checks and truth. Your writing style is sometimes humorous and always honest. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

mark said...

@ dc whats up my brotha and Im glad the judges black skin and career accomplishments have not blinded you to the fact that this guy is a loser, thats why I love reading your blog and your comments on other blogs. You are correct the judge is a real loser.

homeland:And we as African Americans have to be the ones who call them out and not defend these jerks. Good post man.

mark bey: Homeland sweet true words to my ear, if we as black folks start putting clowns like Dollar bill jefferson, Cynthia McKinney and Marion Barry in their place less of our public officials would do things to embarass us.

Because they would know upfront that if they messup in an over the top way they would be cut off. Thanks for stopping by my man.

P.S Yo homeland we could sure use your imput and ideas over at the Afrospear forum please stop by http://afrospear.jconserv.net/ and help us with organizing the forum whenever you get the chance.

mark said...

Romancing the Crone thank you so much for your kind words. Also good play on a great movie for you moniker. Peace.

Miss Profe said...

Mark, you are the TRUTH!

mark said...

Thank you miss profe. I love your blog as well It will be a priceless resource for some of the things I will be attempting to do.

Bygbaby said...

Instead of being a bitch, he should have taken the offer. What an embarrassment.


mark said...

Bygbaby he should have taken the offer for a new pair of pants and left it at that. This guy is an embarassment to judges, lawyers and black people.

I would love for somebody to have this weasel on a radio or tv show for 1 whole hour so he can explain exactly why he sued a dry cleaner for 50 million dollars. Id like to hear that just so the entire world could hear how retarded this cat is.