Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A long, long time ago, during the early 1990's I found myself walking down the road on my way to a job interview. I had just gotten off the subway and If I remember correctly I was running late. Anyway I needed to get to the interview and I didn't know if I had enough time to walk or if I needed to pick up the pace, so as I walked down the hill towards my destination I saw several people passing me on their way to the subway.

I needed to find out what time it was as I continued on my journey I passed several ladies but declined to ask them the time because I though they may have assumed I was trying to run game on them and get the digits which wasn't the case all (of course if one of them had offered the digits I may have accepted but I digress). Eventually I happened upon a serious and tough looking dude and for some reason I decided to ask that brotha the time. Based on the look on his face I kinda thought he would scowl or ignore me all together. Turns out he did neither the brotha smiled one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen in my life, pleasantly told me what time it was and continued on his way.

As I walked away I felt a lot better and actually my faith in humanity was reassured because that incident was a positive one when I wasn't expecting it. So remember folks a smile shared with another human being especially when that human being may be feeling down and in agony can influence an individual to have a terrific day.

This just goes to show that in the end its all about positivity. Have a great day folks.


JustMeWriting said...

Mark, I really love this's so true a smile...for no reason just because God put it there. WOW! I was laughing at chu talking bout, "of course if one of them had offered the digits I may have accepted" LOL. What's been up dude?

Dave said...

This is a powerful message indeed. I sometimes wonder how many people are in a funk just because they have not gotten their smile quota that we ALL need, for that day.

It really does go a long way.

mark said...

Thank you JMW I believe deeply in learning, laughter, love and kindness. In my opinion all over the world folks are dying and suffering because of these falses
edges all human biengs are forced by self preservation to project towards the outside world.

Problem is when you project to much of an edge it influnces bitterness, tension and conflict from other people.

Anyway one smile from the right someone or even someone youve never met in your life can make all the difference in the world.

Thank you for stopping by baby girl I hope all is going well with you.

mark said...

Dave I had to write something positive after beating down christians for their hypcrosy and inconsistant rules and bible.

Plus I really do believe in being positive because life would be a lot worse for everyone if we all thought our glasses were half empty rather than half full.

aulelia said...

This is truly heart-warming. It is nice to know that there are people out there with manners and who genuinely care.

dc_speaks said...

Great post dude. Thank you for sharing that. I had a similar situation a time or two.

mark said...

@ aulia
Thanks Im glad you can appreciate the post the world(including black folks) need to show more love and respect to each other.

@ DC

Yo DC what up my I hope all has been going well with you my brotha, sorry I havent visited but I havent been posting much over the last week either. I will catch you over at your spot shortly

dc_speaks said...

you dont have to apologize for not stopping by brotha....we are all the way good.

you as alright with me fo sure!

Shai said...

Funny, I have folks, mainly men say, Smile you look mean or sad. And I am like I usually am neither. SMH. I mean I am not one of those cheesy faces smiling all the time. It just ain't me. It runs in the fam, I have watched folks do the same to my relatives. It ain't that serious and if I am sad or mad and look it leave me alone if you don't know me. LOL.

I can be sweet when I wanna. I just am not a smiley friendly saying Hi to everyone all day. LOL.

mark said...

Shai everyone is not a smiley all the time person. What I was truly getting out was acts of kindness towards other humans go a long way to brightening the world.

Also the most important thing is just to be yourself to be honest but to always remember that it dosent cost a penny to be kind to people. Thank you for stopping by Shai.