Thursday, June 21, 2007


A while back, me and my buddy created this hypothetical scenario. Here's how it works for whatever reason you can commit any act you want and if you clap your hands twice within thirty seconds of the incident and say do over the incident is erased and you are transported back to the time and place you were, just before you went buck wild.

This is the scenario my buddy came up with. If given this power one day just for spoofing, he would to go work butterball naked save for nothing but flip flops and a purple head ban with the words I WONT TAKE IT ANYMORE stithced on it. Upon arrival at work he would barge into his bosses office and demand a raise of ten times the amount of money he was previously making as well as 2 more weeks of vacation and2 extra weeks of sick leave, while his boss looks at him (lets call the boss Phil) in complete astonishment.

Anyway after Phil runs out of the his office to get security and the cops my friend would be running right behind him, find his way down to the parking lot jack Phil's car, kidnap Phil then lead the police on a movie like car chase through the city of Washington DC (or your particular favorite city).

After a wild scene of racing through the city at 100 mph plus speeds, driving onto the sidewalks and into oncoming traffic, eventually my buddy pulls out a gun and starts shooting out of the back of the window during the speed chase, he empties the gun reloads and continues to poor fire at the cops. Now please remember that this guy was naked so where the heck he stashed a gun and ammo at, is beyond me.

Of course when I pointed this out to my buddy about how the gun and reloading the gun didn't make any sense on account of him being naked and having no place to stash a gun, his response was , this is my adventure If I want a gun and lots of ammo then I get to have a gun and lots of ammo and besides magic do overs don't exactly make sense either. Anyway in my friends tale the car eventually crashes and he runs out of ammo as the cops are closing in on him he sprints into the woods yelling incoherent insults at the cops. When the cops finally do catch up with him, he claps his hands twice, says do over and is instantaneously transported back to his house 30 minutes before work begins.

He dresses, drives to work and during that evening he is just as nice to Phil as you could want. Of course if I had that kind of power I would only use it for good but what about the rest of you guys. If you could have a do over what type of escapades would you victimize or bless the world with?

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