Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Count your blessing every single day.

When I was a kid I use to lay awake at night wondering why some people didn’t have enough food to eat. I use to wonder why some kids weren’t loved by parents, who were there to guide and protect them. I’m talking about Parents who take thier kids to movies and museums every so often provide them with decent clothes and at least show up at some of their football/basketball/soccer practices or games. As a child I considered myself lucky to have a safe home, enough food to eat and my own good common sense. I was never expecting god to bless all people equally but I have always wondered why some people have so much and others can barely get by and to be honest some people don’t get by at all. Some folks don’t even have the opportunity to improve the quality of life for either themselves or their families. Like the 2 men pictured in this article from India and Africa who will always be severely disabled and greatly pained by their conditions, these 2 men are just 1 of over 1 hundred million at risk of this hideous affliction. These conditions which I consider to be way out of the Karmic bounds of fair play, do not allow afflicted people to enjoy any kind of balanced or prosperous existence whatsover.

The pictures in this article are of two men infected by elephantitis ( Lymphatic filariasis) which is named after the so called" elephant man" a gentlemen named John Merrick (1862-1890) who lived in England during the 1900 century. The pathogen that causes Elephantitis is a round worm infestation spread by mosquitoes the worms attacks the Lymph Nodes in the joints and in the case of males, sometimes the scrotum.http://www.videovat.com/videos/308/balls.aspx, Elephantiasis of the scrotum their are cases of men afflicted whose scrotums have grown to over 50 pounds making it impossible to move even short distances without assistance from people in their community. The worms cause, swelling and pus accumulation which leads to huge cyst like growths that sometimes break the skin and become infected. Much like John Merrick these Human beings are often shunned and made fun of by many people in the villages and communities they live in. In one African village a women was introduced to her potential husband in an arranged marriage but he refused to marry her when he saw her ladies deformed limbs.

All my life I have heard people say things such as "God blessed me with a good life" wife or husband. I have heard people say things like pray and everything will be alright. Ive seen opposing sides of championship teams praying to god for victory. I have even heard professional athletes such as Reggie White and Charles Barkley claim that god told them their teams would achieve victory in a championship game. I have seen people pray for the Redskins to beat the Hated Dallas Cowboys in a regular season game, I have heard people say things such as god blessed them with a bike, TV, fresh gear or various other sorts of material items. Now, what I can’t understand is this, if god is in the business of answering prayers and wishes then how come he doesn’t relieve folk’s likes the ones pictured in this article of their suffering. I can understand people going through, pain, I can understand someone loosing all of their money, I can even understand a good man or women never being able to find a husband or wife or two people who once loved each other ending up in a painful divorce. I’m not asking for a perfect world or for happy endings all of the time. I’m pretty sure that the people afflicted by these terrible deformities have prayed for relief from their suffering. In fact I am sure that many family members have prayed and prayed and prayed as hard as they possibly could for relief from this abominable affliction but yet over 26 million people have this affliction and 1 hundred million people world wide are in constant danger of catching this affliction including children. From the way I look at things it doesn’t make sense for a merciful god to bless people with frivolous things they don’t need but then allow people who are suffering from painful, disabling and disfiguring diseases such as lymphatic filariasis . This disease by definition robs its victim of their dignity, freedom and many times their lives. It is my opinion that no just god who is in the business of listening to and answering peoples prayers would ever allow this to happen to any of his children especially if he loved them.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lawd Have Mercy It Be Hot PT III
One night in early August of the lords year 2000 and 6, for the 3rd time in a month the good people who live on 16th and C streets N.E Washington DC lost their power once again(including yours truly). The only difference between this time and the other 2 times was the heat. Although it was hot on the prior 2 occasions this time the power went out on the hottest day of the year, were talking about 96% plus at 11:00 pm at night. So once again when it first happened I went outside on the porch and saw people on their front porches as well.
My neighbor who was very annoyed sat on her front porch next to mine, stating that she was tired of this. Fortunately for her and the rest of her family they had family in Maryland they could go stay with until the power came back on which they had done the last time the power went off.I however had no relatives in Maryland I could stay with, so having to go to work the next day I went back upstairs and tried to get some sleep.
Immediately upon laying down in my stifling apartment, I once again began to understand what the poor crab cooking in a pot must feel like. I tried not to think about how hot it was but no amount of imagination could change the boiling hot reality that it was indeed stifling and I was going to suffer until the power came back on. Fortunately this night the power didn’t stay off for longer than an hour, bringing relief to all of the people of 16th N.E Washington DC. I think its safe to say that everyone one on 16th were much happier campers when the power came back on. Hopefully this type of pestilence will never swoop down on the good folks of N.E Washington ever again, and for the rest of the nights of our existence we will sleep happily and peacefully ever after.

The End……….Hopefully
I'm Back
Hello Blog Friends and family I am sorry that I have not posted anything lately, but I have been suffering from bloggers block. Yeah I know it’s a sad thing to admit with all of the juicy tidbits of interesting news going on all over the globe, but it’s the truth. Well to be honest its at least part of the truth, the other part is that I have been intellectually lazy and uncommitted to blogging. I apologize for not leaving any red meat out for any of the intellectual Carnivores but I will soon remedy that. I have been reading and posting at other blogs, just not posting on my own, so now in the words of the greatest basketball player ever to play the game “I’m Back". Let the rants, diatribes, name calling, legitimate exchange of ideas and debates resume. Special thanks to my man Ugz for stopping by and dropping knowledge while I was out of the game.