Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lawd Have Mercy It Be Hot PT III
One night in early August of the lords year 2000 and 6, for the 3rd time in a month the good people who live on 16th and C streets N.E Washington DC lost their power once again(including yours truly). The only difference between this time and the other 2 times was the heat. Although it was hot on the prior 2 occasions this time the power went out on the hottest day of the year, were talking about 96% plus at 11:00 pm at night. So once again when it first happened I went outside on the porch and saw people on their front porches as well.
My neighbor who was very annoyed sat on her front porch next to mine, stating that she was tired of this. Fortunately for her and the rest of her family they had family in Maryland they could go stay with until the power came back on which they had done the last time the power went off.I however had no relatives in Maryland I could stay with, so having to go to work the next day I went back upstairs and tried to get some sleep.
Immediately upon laying down in my stifling apartment, I once again began to understand what the poor crab cooking in a pot must feel like. I tried not to think about how hot it was but no amount of imagination could change the boiling hot reality that it was indeed stifling and I was going to suffer until the power came back on. Fortunately this night the power didn’t stay off for longer than an hour, bringing relief to all of the people of 16th N.E Washington DC. I think its safe to say that everyone one on 16th were much happier campers when the power came back on. Hopefully this type of pestilence will never swoop down on the good folks of N.E Washington ever again, and for the rest of the nights of our existence we will sleep happily and peacefully ever after.

The End……….Hopefully


James Manning said...

We don't get that type of heat here in LA - unless you're in the valley or the desert. But I don't go there.

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...


GOOD to see you back man, and sorry about all that hot weather and power black outs. New york, Kansas, Ms, and other places around America have been having them also. Well good to see you back mark.

By Chance

mark said...

Yo James thank you for stopping by. Its not worst heat weve had but for 1 week in early august it was brutal.

Chance whats up, I hope everything is going well for you, peace.

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Mark,

Thing are good but at the sametime I want to cry sometimes. Crying is good for the soul - crying is like a lubricant and a purification. I feel inner emotinal and mental pain at what I see going on with our planet and different peoples living in our country and other countries. I feel inner pain at the sight of the negative situations I find some of our black people in. It at times can seem overwhelming Mark, but I will stay strong internally because people need someone to be internally strong. I must do my part in this life Mark so 200 years from now people will be reading about something I wrote and said and did. And, understanding how I contributed in life to make life a little easier by giving knowledge and inspiration and lending a helping hand by way of getting involved with an organization or creating one of my own to help people in some way. In life you must find a purpose and meaning, you can find a purpose but no meaning so meaning is very important in life. Going to work every day is a purpose but do you find a meaning in your job that motivates you? Going to a religous temple or a church is a purpose -- but does the worshipper find a meaning for going to church? A meaning for going to church could be that you see how it has affected your life in a unique way. And this has caused you to treat people better and help them. But many people find no meaning in going to church, they find a purpose (usually fear of going to hell, but what if they were taught there is no heaven or hell would they go?) Yes, I am doing swell and well but at the same time I want to cry sometimes but I catch myself. Someday I will let it all out and it will be a good purification for me. writing allows me some of that release it really does.

You take care Mark

From Chance

mark said...

YO Chance god bless you sir, I too get very depressed over the situation that black people are in. Also I get depressed about the unfairness of the world. Also you are correct purpose and meaning bring relevance to life.

Yo Chance a purpose of mine is to begin the process of change within black people that allows us to be able to admit the things about ourselves that are holding us down. A lot of times when you make comments such as black parent must take education more seriously for us to progress economically and black men must stand up and be surrogate fathers, way too the many young black males are having to make the middle passage without proper guidance. If you say those things certain intelligent black people and groups will do everything in thier power to say your taking shit out of contex, or your not reading the statistics with nuance, or they will say that you are lying and that bringing up issues like that you are dogging black people.

Well like you said in one of your post I believe "the truth shall set Yee free" and sunlight is the best disinfectant ever. Chance you are a good man and a carring human bieng. I dont agree with you always or share all of your interest but you are a true brother and I can see that you want the best for black people, so chance no matter what these clowns on the right say in the self hating and dogging of blacks with no alternatives solutions to issues plaguing us or the " Do Nothing Racism People" who cry racism and whatever other excuse they can find to excuse neantherthal behavior on the part of some blacks that are hurting a lot of black people. Screw those cats Chance and do your thing, if you tell the truth and try to right interesting thought provoking articles people will always remember you. Thank you Chance keep your head up and know you are the only one hurting, most black people are its up to folks like you me and others to find ways to stop the pain forever. Peace

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...


Thanks for the words of inspiration MARK-MARK, thy mean a lot too me. It is good to hear such kind words coming from a like minded soul on the path of helping others and solving problems. Yes, it is up to men and women like you and I who have to make the extra sacrifice to help our people and even people from othr ethnic groups. I am going to do my part Mark I really am.

Thanks for hearing my words Man really thanks.

From Chance

Sherril said...

Hello Mark,
Long time no see at my blog. In any case, speaking of D.C., I came across this blog today which had the following information that when I read, I thought of you. It's a bus in DC that you may or may not know about, but it looks like it would be good to know about, especially if you have visiting guests. Here it is...

Have you tried the Circulator Bus? It is clean and comfortable with friendly, helpful drivers. You can get all the way uptown from the Waterfront in 10 minutes and it's the fastest way from Union Station to Georgetown (and points in between). They recently added a third line that circles the mall and hits all the museums and federal buildings. It goes everywhere you need to go for a dollar a day, plus it's clean and uncrowded.