Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I remember during one of my first jobs I worked with a gentlemen named Mr. Chin. Mr. Chin was all that one could hope for in a human being. Mr. Chin was a strong black brotha although you couldn't talk that African stuff to him cause he'd say something like I ain't leave nothing in Africa. Mr. Chin use to tell me stories of the black community in DC during the 19 thirties, forties, fifties and sixties.

During one of our conversations he mentioned that the rail yards in S.E Washington DC (not far from the Frederick Douglas house) had a flock of sheep grazing on the surrounding grass lands during WW2. He also mentioned that the sheep had to be protected by armed guards. I wondered out loud if it was because of the fact that people would steal the sheep. Mr. Chin said no, the reason was keep people from getting at the sheep.

I looked at Mr. Chin Incredulous as he sat their nodding his head in affirmation of what he had just told me. Then in low whispered tones he told me that a female sheep's privates look just like a woman's privates. Although people having relations with sheep is not an unheard of occurrence's in the annals of human history for me it was a shock every bit as much a shock as when I found out that people actually urinated in the shower and bathtub instead of getting out and doing the right thing(using the toilet).

Anyway later on at another job an old school cat from the south told me about the time he and his cousin attempted to bang a sheep as teenagers. He told me that one time during a visit by his aunt and uncle that he and his cousin had peeled off from everyone else, eventually they made their over to where the sheep were kept. I don't know exactly what lead them to it but eventually his cousin attempted to have relations with one of the sheep. After some initial back and forth tussling between sheep and man (my co-workers cousin) the sheep managed to get my co-workers cousin up off of him, by squirting sh#t on him and forcing him to spend the remainder of his visit outside.

Me and my other co-worker sat their cracking up. I then asked him If everything had gone as planned would have gone up in the sheep , to this he meekly said yes which cracked me and my other co-worker up again. At some point in the conversation another co-worker mentioned an incident where in which one of her relatives had try to stick it to cow. Over the years I have heard further confirmation of people and farm animals getting it on I guess it just goes to show you how imaginative humans can be.

But all jokes aside I have long ago come to the conclusion that people have been doing things like this ever since they first started domesticating cattle, sheep, goats etc. I can imagine some poor Shepperd back during biblical times feeding his sheep in some pasture dozens of miles and days away from home. His wife is six months pregnant and ain't giving him no loving at this time.

Also keep this in mind shepherds were probably the first group of people to discover the similarities between the female sheep and female human women and people who work with and around animals KNOW their animals. Plus when you add in the fact that their have probably been millions and millions of shepherds practicing the profession over the last 5000 years that would make it almost a forgone conclusion that some misguided individual(s) would cross the line, slip over to the dark side and start laying pipe to innocent sheep.

Nothing is new underneath the sun nothing. I don't even think that very many things are truly original because everything we learn, know and understand was created and is based off of the things discovered by those who came before us even getting it on with sheep. However just because man and sheep have been getting to know each other in the biblical context for a long, long time I still do not condone harassing innocent sheep. Cats who harass innocent sheep now and in biblical times were and are some sick puppies, them boys need to get a hobby.


Bygbaby said...

You know a few months ago I was at Panera Bread & I caught this dude reading an article on Beastiality/Zoophilia. I was like WTF, why would someone have that all out in the open.

I remember the 1st time I saw "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask" by Woody Allen I tripped the fuck out on Gene Wilder getting busy with that sheep.

Lastly, my uncle to me that he had a childhood friend in Alabama that used to fuck chickens raised by his family. For the life of me, I cannot see how anyone cold get busy with a chicken.

BTW Peeing in the shower is normal LOL!!!

mark said...

Good morning Bybaby having relations with chickens is a low as it gets unless your a chicken of course.

Also you are aparently write about peeing in the shower folks have told me they arent getting out just to go potty. God the horror!

JustMeWriting said...

LOL...MARK, I'M HURT YOU FOR THAT TITLE...LOL. I couldn't get past it without commenting...hahahahah; you so silly. I'm sorry I've not read some of those other post...I've actually been working...LOL, but I'm goign to get to everything at some point.

On this people are CRAZY and have been so for so so long...would it be wrong of me to say these behavories are usually limited to certain races and cultures...or would I be showing my slight racist side...LOL. if so SORRY...didn't mean to.

mark said...


mark bey: Sorry about that baby girl gotta keep it real I could think of no other title for this post.

These were black people I was working with, also baby girl you may be suspicious but I dont think you are racist you are too wise even at your young age.

dc_speaks said...

one word: nastyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Lola Gets said...

Ive read that cows and sheeps vaginas have a very lush, envoloping feeling to them, lol! But seriously Mark, havent you heard of sheepskin condoms?? That alone should have told you something beastalic was up!

I read a piece about the Ayatollah Khomeni. The Ayatollahs are religous figures in Iran, and issues edicts and fatwas on a regular basis. Well, supposedly Khomeni wrote that is was halal to have sex with your chicken BUT you could not eat said chicken in the future. And neither could your next-door neighbor. BUT your neighbor TWO DOORS DOWN COULD!

Honestly, I have no idea how one could ever have intercourse with a chicken, but hey, Im just a woman.

Anonymous said...

To: justmewriting and anyone else wondering - 'would it be wrong of me to say these behavories are usually limited to certain races and cultures...'

While it does seem to occur more in some races/cultures - ALL races do some of the same weird stuff. It's not limited.
People are PEOPLE -
people are not SKIN COLOR.

ps - I'm anonymous because I don't feel like creating an account right now. So no cracks please.

mark said...

I agree with you anon all races and groups do some strange/wierd stuff. I aslo believe that no race has a monopoly on doing good things or bad. THank you for stopping by. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I once helped some guys kidnap a sheep in college to take back to a fraternity and then we set up a barn in the second floor.

The sheep made its way to the kitchen and slept in the lobby after dinner.