Friday, June 29, 2007


This morning I was running late for work. Because of this when got off the train at L'Enfant Plaza to transfer to the next one I quickly went up the escalator and sprinted to catch the train waiting at the platform going to Virginia from dc. Although I manage to catch the train, as I was running ten bucks fell out of my pocket. Fortunately for me their was a brotha who was running right behind me as I sprinted to catch the train who called out to me and then returned the ten dollars to me. I really appreciated this act of kindness from a stranger.

Now over the years I have lost money on various occasions and very rarely have I had it returned except one time when I was in a club and some bills fell out of my pocket and hit the floor. Likewise I have always returned money to folks who dropped it if I knew who dropped it. One time a gentlemen dropped 100 dollars (also on the subway) and since I saw who dropped it, I returned the money.

A few years later while filling up my truck at a gas station I found 40 dollars, I looked around to see if I could see who may have dropped the money but their was only one other person at the gas station and they pulled in after I was already their. Not seeing who the money belonged to I decided to wait at the gas station, after waiting for about 30 minutes and seeing no one come back to the gas station looking for the money I went ahead and drove home 40 dollars richer that night. When I told my co-workers this the next day they thought I was silly to have waited around but I explained to them that, the forty dollars I found could have been the last of that persons money and could have been drawn out of a bank account now empty.

Anyway I like to believe in Karma and perhaps my good deeds in the area of finding money and returning it over the years perhaps swayed the cosmic balance of the universe in my favor this time but I don't know. Ill tell you this I don't really believe in what goes around comes around simply because of all of the innocent people suffering because of the selfish and bad decisions made by others. But I am grateful to the brotha who returned my cash this morning and it was a nice way to start the day off. Have a great day folks.


Miss Profe said...

A wonderfully inspirational story! We need such stories to remind us of the basic goodness and decency possessed by individuals such as yourself and the gentleman who returned your money. And, what goes around does come around. The more good karma we can generate the better.

mark said...

Hello miss profe I hope you had a great day. Their are loads of decent folks out their trying to make the world a better place and I need to recognize them more.

Dave said...

I believe in karma too. We only get back what we put in. This was a great example of that being put to the test!

mark said...

Their are thousands of even better examples but when someone does something like return a cash to a stranger that is a very good deed indeed. Hope all is going well my man dave.

romancing the crone said...

Thought I would stop by this morning to see how you are doing and I found this wonderful post waiting to uplift my day.

This is how we create a better world. One act, one word, one deed, one missive, at a time. Thank you.

I'm wondering if you've heard of Sharif Abdullah and his Commonway Institute? I read his book "Creating A World That Works For All" and it's excellent. If you haven't heard of his work, Google his name when you get a chance.

Enjoy this day.

mark said...

"This is how we create a better world. One act, one word, one deed, one missive, at a time. Thank you."

mark bey:True that. True that indeed my friend.

CapCity said...

there are more random acts of kindness than get desiderata states: despite the sham, drudgery and broken dreams it is STILL a beautiful world.

Stay up, Bro Mark!

mark said...

Thank you for stopping by and the positive comments capcity.