Saturday, June 09, 2007


The Tunne Inn
OK folks I blogged about this activist citizen before. Now she has struck again with this you tube video of an inexcusably dirty bath room. The offending bathroom is located in a Restaurant called Tunes Inn.
This restaurant is located in the Capitol hill section of Washington DC about a 5 minute bike ride from where I sit blogging this. Although this Lady hasn't been blogging very long the potential impact of this form of activism she is using is an effective, simple and power tool to bring change on local levels all over the country.
For all of my blog friends in the Washington DC metro area here is the telephone # to the The Tune Inn331 Pennsylvania Ave. SE Washington, DC 202-543-2725. Feel free to call this establishment and let them know that the citizens of the Nations Capitol would like for them to clean up their bathroom.


Lavatory Lady said...

LOL!!! Thanks Mark! Don't get me shot up!

I looked for a website and e-mail to no avail. I'm not surprised...what did surprise me is the number of people who will defend this bar to no end. I guess dirt doesn't matter to some people.


mark said...

Makes no difference Lav Lady you have posted pictures of the offending bathroom over the internet. Once we get the email adrress for the bar and owner we can start doing the holy and righteous work of forcing them to clean up their bathroom.