Monday, June 11, 2007


I have been blogging for slightly over a year know. In that time I have learned a lot about people and human nature. Although I am on the net to enlighten myself and to network with like minded folks I have found that some folks are only interesting in spreading propaganda.

The propaganda comes in various forms some of it is racist, some of it is black men and women bashing each other, some of it is to blame the system/man/racism for every single dysfunction and problem experienced by the black community and absolve folks (black) harming the black community of all responsibility for the harm they are doing.

What I cant understand about the folks who CLAIM to believe that the American government is responsible for every last dysfunction in the black community is this, why aren't these folks spending every dropped of energy they have:

  • Creating jobs for black men who are at risk of being arrested and thrown in jail.
  • Creating business that serve the black community based on the spending habits and needs of black people.
  • Totally divesting themselves from the American economy as much as possible and creating a model that other activist can use in order to hoard our resources for the good of black America but also not enrich a government folks claim is killing black people.

The apologist for the Neanderthal behavior currently going on in too much of the black community make me want to strangle them at times. I have come to the believe that blaming the system (or some other boogie man) is a religion with some of these folks. At some point and time adults must look into the mirror and tell themselves the truth and the truth is this even if the man/system is responsible for all of the dysfunctions going on in the black community black Americans ( and those of the entire diaspora) will have to change the way we are doing things others wise what is going on will only get worse. But of course this type of thinking makes too much sense to people who want to do nothing but cry, cry, cry about the man without actually doing anything to prevent the man killing us as the apologist claim the man is doing.

It is for these reasons that when I come across thoughtful bloggers it makes me want to scream with joy. After debating the apologist and then seeing them act like I am speaking a foreign language when you run into folks who have common sense in their heads it is a great feeling.

For these reasons when I come across folks like Field Negro, JMW, DC, Native Son and James Manning who are thoughtful, reasonable and serious about changing the mentality of the America black population it gives me renewed hope and inspiration that their are enough warriors out their in black America who are willing to be honest and fight for what they know is right. Also I just happen to like really like these guys because of the positive and progressive energy they radiate. Now their are thousands of others bloggers who fall into this category and if I didn't include you don't take it personally and know that I value all of the positive all truthful bloggers out their searching for the truth.

Thank you for reading this post.


JustMeWriting said...

OHHHHH....THANK YOU PRECIOUS....WOW...WHAT AN HONOR...TRUELY, you know it's justmewriting, but when PEOPLE can see through the eyes of my words and come out with MY intent...that's an amazing thing to me.

Those heartfelt words and returned to you as well Mark, I was soooo delighted when I saw your comments on some of your mentioned favorites pages, because I KNEW you'd be speaking my mind. I've always had things I'd love to change about our society and our race as a whole, but never really put anything into action, but you and your 'Progress At All Cost,' mentality is FORCING me to put up or shut up...I'm still working on that part of me...THANK YOU.

Andrew The Asshole said...

yeah really get tired of "blacks" complaining all the time when everyone here is an immigrant and most cultures have a "light" and "dark" version of a race. We are americans and until more blacks stop thinking like a weak powerless minority they will always be were their thinking is.

JustMeWriting said...

well andy in the immortal words of Malcom's foolish to the sheep why they hate the wolf. I hear what you're saying...and I'm in agreement with Marks words, but when a person/people are held down for hundreds of years how dare that oppressor then say..."why don't chu get up!" There mental, physical, emotional and spiritual grown has been stagnated...severly halted, so the stand still is easily understod by we like minds of the same race, yet we mush encourage each other to get up.

JustMeWriting said...

sorry... for all the typo's in that previous post.

mark said...

"I'd love to change about our society and our race as a whole, but never really put anything into action, but you and your 'Progress At All Cost,' mentality is FORCING me to put up or shut up...I'm still working on that part of me...THANK YOU."

mark bey: JMW this struggle we most engage in will be long, tedious sometimes exasperating work.

Also it will burn you out if you attempt to do this work without athe really good like minded team of individuals to roll with.

Plus you are already putting up by speading truth to the nonsense of some of these apologist, when ever you speak common sense to their nonsense. JMW when you decide to do whatever it is you decide to do it will be the right time and it will be powerful, you are a powerful queen. No doubt about it. Thank you for your kind words.

@ andrew
" yeah really get tired of "blacks" complaining all the time when everyone here is an immigrant and most cultures have a "light" and "dark" version of a race"

Like JMW said I feel what your saying Andrew but blacks have every right to be paranoid towards a system that has only been treating us as human biengs for the last forty years. To keep it real in some places in the south blacks are still catching direct racism hell.

Also as far as other imigrants go they came here voluntarily black folks did not and black labor was stolen from them to the benifit of all others in this country(except native americans).
I dont think its fair to compare the situation of blacks to other groups in america.

However none of what I just said has anything to do with the fact that we need to change our behavior in order for things to get better for us.

Thank you for stopping andrew and baby girl (JMW).

Homeland Colors said...

I agree with you 100%

mark said...

Thank you Homeland I love your blog.

Hathor said...

I am not one to move or shake, I'm the one who usually steps in. Like taking leadership in a Cub Scout pack. Even though it was traditional for moms to be Den Mothers, in this day and age it would have been more beneficial if we could have had more Fathers or other males to participate. It was extremely difficult to get them, not even for events like camping. There were 2 or 3 during my participation, not nearly enough.
I felt I didn't do nearly enough during the sixties, and I'm finding that economics will keep me from becoming involved now. I think that it is a situation that a lot of black people find themselves. So much for excuses!
Let me say that I admire those who are active in bringing about change, even in some small way.

mark said...

Well maybe it wasnt the right time for you to get involved in the sixties. The struggle will always be here I am learning to seek out and listen to the folks who have been here before me and actually lived through it.

You never know Hathor maybe one of the roles folks like you and even older could serve is as elders to show us how to work together of course using todays technology and new improved methods of fighting for change.

Our movements are in need of good wise thoughtful leaders to help guide. For instance I wouldnt want al or Jesses to lead upfront on too many things but Ill be damed if they wouldnt make excellent trainers, mentors and advisers to the new generation.

Thank you for stoping by hathor.

Dave said...

Hi Mark,
I can tell you've been building up to this for awhile. It feels deep, like you really questioned whether you wanted to put it out there, and in the end, did what you had to do, what your heart compelled you to do.

It's difficult to know why some people blog. You remember that saying.. how did it go..? Something along the lines of: weak topic of conversation is people, strong topic is places & things, and powerful topics of discussion come from talking about ideas and issues. Where are all the thinkers at?

I appreciate you calling people out on the basis of doing nothing but complaining, but honestly, I'd rather hear a broken record going on about an issue than some sap blathering about Paris Hilton in jail. You know?

mark said...

"I'd rather hear a broken record going on about an issue than some sap blathering about Paris Hilton in jail. You know? "

True that brotha Dave. Im just saying lets put some of that energy into education, enlightment and understanding. Feel. Its not enough to simply complain about things althoug the squeaky wheel will get the grease.

Brandon said...

I appreciate you stopping by my blog Mark. You're a deep brother. I will definately be checking in to get some jewels from you.


mark said...

Thank you Brandon. I love your blog as well. Peace.

Dave said...

Word up!

You know Mark, I been looking at my own writing, and doing a lot of reflection asking myself, is all I am doing complaining? I remember hearing somewhere "don't complain about a problem until you're willing to also offer a solution."

When I apply that reasoning to this issue here, re: how do we encourage people to want to provide positive solutions, and work towards answers, to move beyond the same old same old.... it gets murky.

People have to want it for themselves, or.. desire to see that goodness through their own lives but it's always "not my fight." Like bystander apathy, "someone else in this crowd is more qualified to help than me, I shouldn't get involved.." That's crap.

Ah but now I am feeling the hypocrisy, here I am just complaining away, so I will try and put an idea, a solution out there.

What would help is if we could somehow create situations that forced people to learn how to empathize, and become compassionate. I'm reading this book called Thou Art That and it talks about how the reason we do good things for others, is because we see ourselves in them. And because we see that we all share this human condition, we can all therefore relate, even on a personal level, with a complete stranger.

But what would it take to bring people to this? It is the epitome of backwards to "force" a person into doing something "good." It's a conflict of terms, and the result would never be true or real, so we have to make people want it for themselves, allow them to choose to be decent to one another, to look out for each other, seeing how we are more alike than any of us are different.

Goes back to everything you said: "education, enlightenment, understanding, feeling." Mark I believe in this too, but for the life of me, I cannot think how to cause people to want, of their own accord to choose to cherish these qualities.

dc_speaks said...

Mark...this was truly a touching post to read. It was full of the passion that I read in your words on a daily basis. I thank you for the accolades and I truly appreciate naming me amongst the company also listed in your post.

I do believe in bring about change one person at a time and challeging everyone to think for themsleves is a feat in itself.

Thank you, Brotha Mark. I reciprocate the feelings and encourage you to keep doing what you are doing.

All I can say

mark said...

"What would help is if we could somehow create situations that forced people to learn how to empathize, and become compassionate."

mark bey: This is a good suggestion the question is how do you get thier. I would think a good way to get something like this moving is to just perform good deeds and unselfish acts on a personal level then wait for people around you to change and do the same. But you are right we must live and think in a compasionate way that puts ourselves in the shoes of others before we even open our mouth to speak on the matter.

"But what would it take to bring people to this?"

mark bey: Its going to take all of us loving our neighbors and fellow human being more than what is going on.You are right dave you cant force people to see the light of treating all human being like gold but I can attempt to treat my fellow man and women like gold. I know that sound idealistic but that is one of the places it all starts.
Thanks for the insightful comment dave.

mark said...

Brotha DC thank you for the positie energy that you bring. You are helping me to be more positive.

Lavatory Lady said...

Great post Mark! Some people may not want to hear it, but tough love is sometimes necessary. Yes, we've been oppressed, enslaved and so on and so on. How does that make a person sit on the couch and not get a job? I am as black as that person on the couch and I get up every day and work to support my family. My husband and I chose to have only 2 children (mostly me) because we want to give them a good education and exposure to other things in life. Life is about CHOICES!! I feel discriminated against everyday, but that's not going make me denigrate myself or my family. Until some people "get it" they are doomed to remain where they are...nowhere.

Lo said...

Great blog post, Mark. All the sites you mention, including your own, have wonderful hosts with much to say and positive, constructive ways in which they say it.

Each of you does the blogosphere (blackosphere?) proud.

mark said...

@ Lav Lady
Thank you Lav Lady. We have got to stop just letting anything happen to us. Although I do understand that if you are around certain environments you can get stuck. That is why it is important to roll with folks who are reaching for the stars.

@ Lo

Thank you for stoping by Lo your kind words are much appreciated.

Dave said...

I know you are right. Sometimes I need to be reminded of this. Thank you for the well worded wisdom. :)

mark said...

Dave thank you for such a nice compliment. But Ill be honest with you a fellow blogger said something to me that reaffirmed what I should be doing.

Even if every disagrees or tries to evade a particular topic I am obligated to argue my beliefs as best I can even if they bring me grief. Which happens all of the time. I was that I should say what I know to be right no mattter how many people are are disagreeing with me or if folks are looking at me like Im the one whos crazy. It dosent matter you have to move forward eventually in your own time with what you know is right.

It has never been enough to simply complain about the world individuals must do the right thing.