Friday, June 08, 2007


I believe that we black folk can fund a cure for aids or at least move the process along a whole lot quicker than it is currently moving. I have no idea how long it will take but it cant hurt to think on such ideas and if they are workable, start planning them. I also believe that such an initiative could bear fruit that could save millions and millions of black peoples lives and protect the health of those currently at risk of being infected. Many of the people who will die are themselves parents so if they are saved or even kept alive longer this means life would be at least a little better millions of children.

Now imagine this, what if some progressive and creative thinking folks and organizations got together to educate black people on the aids issue. How its spread, exactly what to do to prevent it and how to properly treat ones self if infected. No more fairy tales about aids being a curse by god against gays pushed by the church. No more denial, stigma or prejudice against those who have aids and serious counseling services for those infected should be provided by the church.

I believe these things can be accomplished and brought into existence in a way that will begin to influence behavioral changes in the black community on a large scale. As far as the past goes that cant be changed but from here on forward we should work together to promote safe life style choices that will protect ourselves and children.

I think we should engage in a mass treatment and training program targeted at the black community, organized and conducted by the churches and our other social institutions like the NAACP, Urban League etc. This training program would include what type of medicine that is needed, how and where to get it and the proper way to take and administer the medication.

Another idea I have been thinking on is a Lou Rawls inspired telethon targeted at improving the health of black people. Once again the churches and all of our other social organizations can promote this project and spread the word and info about it. We would have a 2 hour telethon called the black health day telethon. This telethon would be used to raise money to fund an initiative designed to stimulate research leading to a cure for aids. Institutions such as Bill Clintons and the Gates foundation could advise on which studies and projects to fund using the money we have raised.

Now in a perfect world magic Johnson would host this telethon, we could have a line up of twelve known artist people such as.

  • L.L Cool J

  • Erica Badu

  • Jill Scott

  • Lauryn Hill

  • Common

  • MosDef

  • Jay Z

  • Nas

  • Stevie Wonder

  • OutKast

  • Alisha Keys

  • Prince

The performers would perform and then say something inspirational, then Magic and the artist could stand their and tell everyone to please pledge as much as they could and that the money was going to an organization that does nothing but promote research in the areas of curing aids. This organization should be on the cutting edge treatment and research as far aids goes. We could have an independent organization investigate all of our financial transactions then later publish that information to assure our donors that we are transparent and efficient in our use of funds. The transparency point could be something that Magic could emphasize when hosting the telethon.

Last idea on this matter we could manufacture and sell very simple but perpetually needed products like tissue, napkins, soap deodorant, etc. Try to get Folks to buy as much of our goods as possible with all of the profits going to finding a cure for aids. For instance if every black person were to buy tissue or soap from this potential supplier instead of their local grocery store think how much money could be generated and added to the search for a cure. I guess the "Newman"s Own" brand would be a prime example of the type of operation I am talking about or at least one that could be tailored to this project. I’m thinking billions of dollars a year could be generated by simply rerouted the buying habits of black Americans.

All of that money could be used on research for finding a cure for aids and I’m talking about a Manhattan Project type of effort or some of that John Kennedy " America will put a man on the moon in ten years type action with resources to back it up. I guess this could represent the African Americans population's own version's of those mandates. One of the progressive things that would come out of a project such as this one is, we would have a working, living model of action on how to effectively get after crippling social issues. Most the African American population would be empowered.

We could have this started in the next 2 years in my opinion. Perhaps if we are good enough at raising money and promoting the right climate for something like this, we could get everyone in America on treatment who needs it thus keeping millions of Americans alive until a cure is finally discovered and made available to all in need.


JustMeWriting said...

WOW...those are some wonderful ideas mark, especially the telethon thing, but the FIRST thing that needs to happen is UNIFICATION ...we've got to begin retraining the minds of black folks...only then will these things become a priority, because as it stands now..not enough of us care to put forth the effort to make a difference

mark said...

"but the FIRST thing that needs to happen is UNIFICATION ..."

mark bey: Little sister you are correct, and I think it starts with the church, our intellectuals and our social orginizations.

Their are still black people some of them extremely intelligent going around saying that aids dosent exist.

You know what the churches are doing and have done.

Artist like R. Kelley are still making music that cheapens the value and beauty of sex.

So you are correct in your observation that we are not unified.

It is way past time to get it together.

dc_speaks said...

Mark, I can't believe that I missed this yesterday. This post and all of your posts are full of passion. Your ideas are fantastic and I'm glad to be able to log onto your page and tap into a little bit of what makes you tick.

You have a gift, Mark and you are using that gift to bring about ideas and change that can cause you to go down in history as a crusader in the movement of improvement for our people and people in general.

mark said...

DC Thank you so much for those kind words. But credit must be given to all of those giants who came before me.

Man I aint doing nothng can you imagine if Dubois, Ida b. Wells or Malcolm X had had access to all of the info that the internet provides access to. We would be a lot furhter than we are now in my oppion so my idea is to bring forth ideas then change. Peace and good afternoon brotha DC.

Hathor said...

I think the first thing would be decide which organization is best suited for the project. I think the mission of the NAACP would be best suited.
You had discussed starting an online petition, and in this case, I think it would be influential. With as many black bloggers as possibly sign them and forward it to the organizations.
You'll notice I didn't mention churches, that is because I believe that this kind of information and help should not come with proselytizing. I do think they can help within their church community, but not all black people are Christian or spiritual and I wouldn't want any person with AIDS seeking help with medication to even feel they have to endure any religious test or discussion.

mark said...

Hathor I feel you on the churches, so perhaps we should focus on the progressive churches like Jamal Bryants and the Reverend Jerehmia Wright JR to at least work with the christians who are infected and be a central place where anyone in the community can go and get aids medication for free. Kind of the way some churches serve dinner once a week.

The online petition thing is a great idea and I will get working on it immdediately.

Hathor good point because I wouldnt want a homosexul, prostitute or drug attick going to the church for medicine and bieng condomed to hell and stuff.

Thank you all for your insightful comments.