Thursday, May 31, 2007

The life and chronicles of Mark Bey (Peoples Bad Kids)

I remember when I was growing up my parents had friends Washington DC who they had grown up with. During the summertime we would spend 2 weeks there every year. These folks were named the William's. Now I loved spending time with the Williams in Washington Dc because we could do things we never could do at home in Maryland.

I mean it was great Im talking about adventures traveling through the hoods at night time to make pilgrimages to the store or the gas station for a cold soda's and candy, mobbing the ice cream truck, playing night time basketball, football and various other activities and just hanging out in the hood. Sometimes at 2 oclock in the morning.

At night time before we went to bed all of the kids would have to wash thier feet and put thier tennis shoes in the windows to let them breathe. I mean these were the early 80's and although the parents had an air conditioner in thier room, and thier was one in the living room were we would all gather around to watch tv thier were no air conditioners in where else in the house. So of course we employed the good old fan.

Anyway it was during these times that I first witnessed a peculiar behavior amongst some people with kids. Now during those those summers the house would also be filled with kids most of whom were related to the Williams. Some of the kids were thier grandkids of course and these are the people I mainly attached myself to bieng a kid myself. Anyway Mrs. Williams and her daughters were constantly telling me how bad I was and sometimes whuppin my a@s. They really seemed to be claiming that I was really, really bad. The problem with this is their kids were a lot worse.

In fact it wasnt even close their kids were several times worse than I was. I have noticed over the years that some people actually demonized other folks kids as bieng particularly "bad" when their children are just as bad sometimes worse. I mean whats that all about?


dc_speaks said...

folk like pointing fingers and forgetting that there are 3 fingers pointing back at themselves..thats why..

great post Mark!

mark said...

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone I say. or live and let live. I think you are correct and folks seem to forget that.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... well probably because they would make them look like bad parents...LOL...and it's always easier to handle the antics of your OWN child rather then someone elses.

mark said...

JMW You are probably correct baby girl but I still have always found it interesting when folks do that.

Dave said...

Hey Mark,
I'm not hundred percent on this, but I think the term for that is "transference."

Stinks you were the fall guy. :(

mark said...

Will its not so bad I didnt suffer it as much as some people but I think JMW is correct it is always easier to tolerate the antic or your kids than others.

I think humans are programed that way. Thank you for stopping by Dave.

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

Someone tried that when I was a little one. My mother embarrassed the neighbor who was acting STUPID so well that I went from "smart-mouth bwoi" to "such a sweet young man" overnight. It seems that the parent was actually JEALOUS of my brother's and my good manners outside our home and blamed her "Bebe's kid's" behavior on one or both of us at random when we visited her home.

Don'tcha just love a "good" parent?

mark said...

" Don'tcha just love a "good" parent? "

mark bey: Indeed, Indeed my brotha.

Homeland Colors said...

I think we assume that when people have kids they no what they're doing. In my experience nobody knows what they're doing when they raise their kids. Plus parents an be emotional and emotions can sometimes lead to bad decision making, she might have gotten so frustrated with her kids that when you did something you caught it for both what you did and what they did. you were collateral damage.