Tuesday, May 22, 2007

IS IT MENTAL OR PHYSICAL (The urge to tinkle grows worse and worse)

OK folks, this topic right here is something I have been wondering about for a long time. One night during my clubing days (after have a good time) I and my boys hopped in the car to head home after a night of partying. Of course when I first got in the car I had to use the bathroom a little bit but I figured I could hold until I got home.

Anyway along the way someone else had to use the bathroom so we stopped somewhere they could go, I should have gone also but I didnt feel like getting out of the car. After the individual returned to the car and we got back on the road all of a sudden I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad.

So where driving along and someone says they are hungry and we stop at seven eleven to grab some munchies. This time I had no choice but to stay in the car as I really had to go at this point and walking was not a good idea. Anyway after the fellas get thier munchies and get back into the car we get back on the road.

At this point I REALLY REALLY had to go and I was seriously regretting not tinkling before I left the club or when we stopped for a bathroom break. As we drove my need to go potty god worse and worser as the minutes rolled by everylight seem to have been at 10 minutes long.

Finally when we approached the street that I lived on my need to go became unbearable and every second my agony worsened. Finally the car reached my home I and I jumped out yelled goodbyes to my boys as I sprinted up the steps. When I reach the my front door I began to search for my keys and after going through my pockets for what seemed like an eternity I finally find my keys.

At this point I am doing the age old dance that everyone who has had to go to the bathroom really really bad has done. You know the jumping up and done and moving from side to side trying not to pee on ones self. As I attempt to open up the lock on the door I drop my keys on the porch. Finally I manage to get the door open and I sprinted upstairs to the bathroom where I was able to relieve myself finally thank god.

The question I have for the good folks out thier in blog land is this. Do you think that the urge to tinkle growing worse as one gets closer to home is physical or phycological or both?


JustMeWriting said...

LOL...OF COURSE...LOL. I say that all that time; it ALWAYS seems to happen once you've reached your door...and WHY do you ALWAYS have to search for the keys...that's so funny. I call my sons and tell them to have the door opened...lol. and GET OUT THE WAY!!!

mark said...


mark bey: LOL.

Girly_Girl said...

I think it's a combination, but many times it CAN be mostly psychological. The power of suggestion can be fierce, indeed!

Great blog!

mark said...

I would agree with you although I think its mailny phycological.