Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Music and Arts New Orleans Rebuilding Corp

Plan to Rebuild New Orleans Update #2 5/17/07 . This post is another aspect of an idea on how to possibly help rebuild New Orleans.

Abouot 3 years ago I went to see a play at a Recreation center in Georgetown Washington DC. This play was A Christmas Carol performed by the students at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Duke Ellington is a school for performing art students.
Anyway the play was absolutely terrific. I also had a chance to see those kids rehearse and let me tell you I saw those kids rehearse with great dedication while holding down the educational side of thingsNow their are a whole lot of performance arts schools all over america teaching music and theatre to thousands of students. So Im sure most people are familiar with the way these types of schools are set up. In fact the music programs I have seen at colleges are similar to the rehearsal process I saw at duke ellington when the youth were rehearsing for A Christmas Carol. So I figured the youth would work rebuilding homes 3 days of the week and rehearse for the other 3 days. This program would take place during the summer time when the kids would be elgible for summer jobs. Those youth who have graduated may have the option of working throughout the year with the Music and Arts Corps. Thier would be big band, ensemble and small band training aimed at getting the youth prepared to perform live for the festivals.

Now since New Orleans is the most culturally unique and rich city in the country and one of the crown prince cities of the world why not use the cultural sexiness of its essence to help rebuild and attract funding for the residents of New Orleans. These Music Corp workers could be training to perform in on a 2 year schedule of performances designed to raise money to be reinvested back into the city. Of course these Music Corp performances would be split up amongst donzens and dozens of Cells. Cells consisting of 5-8 people perfect for small group training.

Ok this is how it works, these Corps of Artistic student would be deployed all over New Orleans rebuilding, repairing, landscaping or doingd whatever else was needed to help rebuild the city including working the levee.

They also would participate in a Jazz camp kinda of musical and artistic training for actors, musicians and trainers. They would rehearse and learn traditional New Orleans Jazz Music with the purpose of preparing for festivals and shows throughout the gulf coast with the purpose of raising money and providing labor for the New Orleans rebuilding effort. Of course anything we do or any serious planning we do on this matter should be shared with grassroots home rebuilding orginizations for in the .

Im thinking of a year of festivals and music designed to bring in tourist from all over the world. Also designed to bring in rich companies for conventions to spur economic development in the city and allow everyone who wants to go home to go home to a city where hard working folks can earn a livable wage.

Now these are only ideas so please feel free to make suggestions on whatever aspect of this you would like thank you for your time and while you ponder some ideas please click on this link to hear me narrating the first chapter of Louis Armstrongs biograpy. The back round music is a recording called west in blues by Louis Armstrong.


dc_speaks said...

I love kids doing their thing. It's cool to highlight their success.

Great deal, Mark.

mark said...

Goodmorning Dc, I dont know if you read the complete post or not but I have just updated the article and this is the fool post so if you havent read the full post please do so and let me know what you think.

dc_speaks said...

hey, Mark. Good afternoon, now. I don't see the link to hear I'll look again.

Again, the uplifting of children is a passion of mine.

I can teach them the positive or teach them what negative traits that I have to keep away from. Etierh way, I'm always teaching