Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ron Pettaway - A Mother's Anguish (Cross posted from Plez world)

" Ron Pettaway and his brother, Roy, were both shot by Fulton County (GA) Police officers on the evening of April 15, 2007 outside the Frozen Palace nightclub in metro Atlanta. Both men were unarmed. Ron Pettaway died as a result of the shooting. As you can imagine, the family of these young men are devastated."

This is a Case that been has blogged about by several different Afrosphere bloggers and others. The paragraph above is taken from a post by a blogger named plez who blogs over at Plez World. Now I am believe that no one (black, white, cop or civilian) has a right to kill or harm black people and then to continue to live a normal life as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

Thier must be justice for all black people injured or unfairly killed by police officer. Thier must be justice for all black people who are murdured whether or not they are murdured by law officials or criminal hood terrorist. A black person's life is as precious as anybody's elses life.


Cruse Pettaway said...

No Matter whats happens, My brother Ron I will Always Love U, I Miss the Days we spent together. I still remember the days you walk me back and forth to school. Even tho I know I couldn't see you at graduation, I know you were there. Before I go I wanted to say sorry for not making that song that night, not going bowling when u asked, and for leaving u there at Frozen Palace. But when we meet again I promise to make it up. Just know that I'll take everything u taught me and make it happen. But untill then I'm still waiting for you to walk through the front door.

Your Cuz....Amber said...

Wow....it always brings me to tears to see that you are gone...the family loves you and every step of the way we know that you are near us guiding and protecting each and every one of us.....its like only yesterday i can remember you, crying along with me at my aunts funeral....i will miss you until the day that we meet again Ron....and i love the showtime that you always gave us through the years....i love to love you Ron!!!! *UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN* *YOUR COUSIN...AMBER*