Monday, May 28, 2007


Please, Please, Please JOIN THE AFROSPHRE FORUM. After you sign up you should get a confirmation email shortly after, if you don't receive a confirmation email please register under a different email and password and you should then receive a confirmation email.

We are starting a recruitment drive to bring in new members I say lets bring in 100 members within the next 2 months. Their are low hanging targets we can hit that can possibly bring about big change. Things such as signing online partitions that target the support companies that put out hip hop with a destructive message.

If we could get a dedicated few people working diligently on specific issues we can attract other committed intellectual talent. Then we could brainstorm on how exactly we would use the forum to hone ideas that turn into projects that make a difference in the lives of black people. Now I know folks gotta work, spend time with their kids and families etc and after all of that know want one wants to be bogged and beat down with serious social topics all of the time.

That is why it is important to recruit new members to this forum. If we have got 400 instead of 40 then that would allow each member to contribute and work at a pace that would be flexible and comfortable for each forum member.

I like to think of it like this their would be many progressive and brilliant minds pointing their intellectual energy in the direction of solutions to eradicate some of the problems black people are having. Our collective energy and wisdom would be used to further a positive and uplifting socially conscious pro black agenda. Here is an Article by Bronze Trinity with some suggestions on how we can go about recruiting. Bronze Trinity has developed a message that could be sent out as an invitation to join the afrosphere forum.

" Dear Blogger, you are invited to become a member of the Afrospear. We are a group of concerned African Diaspora bloggers who discuss problems that affect people of African descent, create solutions and action plans to solve those problems, and inact those plans using internet resources. Please sign up for the Afrospear Forum at , visit the Afrospear Think Tank at , and take a look at the Afrospear Online Paper at . We want to change the world and we can do it with your help. Please join because we value your membership. If you do not want to join then please consider getting involved with the Save Darfur campaign and the Boycott China to Save Darfur campaigns. You can read about them here , and here Take Action and Please Spread the Word!"

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