Monday, May 28, 2007

Black Clergies moral contract with black america

IF you read this blog then you are familiar with my annoyance with all religions of the world. To be honest I consider them to be fairytales. However I do think great and good can be done and is in fact done everyday by christians, Jews, Muslims ect.

So I can deffinately see a public benifit to the existence of religion (even if I think all of them are bogus)and they are a powerful tool in the ongoing effort to advance all of human kind. I believe if god has annointed you then calling yourself a preacher should be a responsibility and a privledge not an entitlement to be awarded to anyone who claims they are called. Along with bieng annointed by god should come the responsibility of truly leading and training the members of their church and the larger black community. The preachers need to be well rounded enough to give thoughtful advice on various topics.

Recently I saw a show in which Bishop Harry R Jackson proposed a moral contract with black america. That is all well and good but how about a black clergies moral contract with black america. Here are some examples of items I think it should address. If you could think of some items please list them in the comment section or if you beleive any of the items I have listed should be taken off then leave those suggestions in the comment section as well.

1) The clergy will make education an overwhelming priority in the church, starting with investing more brain power and money into programs that tutor and emphasize educatioin as well as train people to lead and nuture this educational reform movement into existence.

2) The black clergy will make themselves aware of the causes of aids and how hiv is spread and will take effective and ugent leadership on this issue. The black church should never ever again insist that aids or any other diseases that may affect humans biengs is a curse by god against any group of human biengs. The black clergy will focus on aids and in no uncertain terms demonstrate effective leadership on that issue.

3) The black church will no longer endorse any candidates democratic or republican but will teach blacks how to interpret the political process allow us to make our own desicions, then provide an environment were we can discuss some of these points, learn and grow from them.

4) The black clergy will began to live and dress piously

5) The black church well insist very strongly that all of its congregants actually read the bible and will make audio recordings of the bible available to all of its congregants (this can be done via internet).

6) No black preacher shall recieve a salary more than the average black american recieves annually.

7) Any black preacher caught in an adulterous affair should have to resign immediately and earn thier way back to whatever rank they enjoyed after a long and repentful process.


dc_speaks said...

wow...mark. do you think that any of don't understand your disdain?

lol....gotta love ya, brotha.

I appreciate your stand. Truly!

mark said...

Yo Dc I think lots of black people feel the way I do about the church and preachers especially as it relates to them showing leadership about important issues affecting us.

Thanks for stopping by dc

Being Mama Daily said...

i absolutely agree. I wish black churches would stop condemning all other religions and be brave enough to encourage their parishioners to know that god makes himself manifest in many way all over the plant. give peole the whole truth and help them navigate their own spiritual journeys.

all of your suggestions were on point.

mark said...

" i absolutely agree. I wish black churches would stop condemning all other religions "

mark bey: I holds with your statement completely. It is shameful that people and orginizations that cannot prove or even offer a decent argument for christianity bieng gods word over other forms of spirituality.

Anonymous said...

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