Wednesday, May 30, 2007

These My Babies

I always liked these girls. My buddy had the album and I remember listening to it with him one night over beers and chess. I remember thinking this is good but I didnt think they were anything special.

I did think they were gifted because I knew they had wrote that song Butterflies which was hot once upon a time. So you could say I liked Floetry but I didnt love them. Anyway that is before I saw this performance of getting late. All I say is SIZZLING and also I am now a life long member of the Floetry Fan club. I have drinkin the coolaid.


dc_speaks said... wre sleeping on FLoetry. Glad you figured out how awesome they are.

kudos to you.

mark said...

Yo DC I wasnt sleepin I just hadnt fully realized what a great singer girlfriend was until I saw getting late live. OH MY GOD WHAT A SINGER.

Thanks for stopping by and good morning my clevland brotha

nikki said...

i like floetry. have you checked out les nubians? if you dig floetry you might like that group too.

mark said...

Thank you for stopping by Nikki I will have to look out for Les nubians.

I am going to have to do something about my spelling it is getting out of control. I apologize that all you decent people have to read a badly misspelled word by me every other 3 words in my post.

JustMeWriting said...

OH SEE NOW YOU PLAYEN MARK....I LOVE THEM. I love the line when she says.."I am I, because You Be"...OH MY GOODNESS...THAT'S SOME SERIOUS LOVE. This was my theme cd not too long ago...My Superstar.

mark said...

Thank you JMW. I can understand why you would have one of thier cds as your theme song.

nikki said...

oh, we'll probably never agree on anything, but i'll still read your blog. LOL

as for the spelling, why should we care? as long as we understand what you saying, that's all that should matter.

re: floetry...i actually like their live cd more than the others. the singer really SANGS on it, you know?

mark said...

" oh, we'll probably never agree on anything, but i'll still read your blog. LOL"

mark bey: Nonsense Ive always thought you to be extremely thoughtful individual in most of your comments. In fact I consider you a heavyweight when it comes to thought and conciousness.

As for our disagreement you will see exactly where I am comming from very soon as I intend to get after some of our issues holding us down in a serious and thoughtful way.

Lastly Nikki from reading your blog and comments at other places I know you understand full well that changes need to be made in the lives of black folks I garuantee that if carring individuals start from the places we agree on first rather than what they disagree on progress for black folk will be made.

This may sound corney but stay tuned and I assure you positve moves will be made comming soon.

Alls it takes is one good idea to start a revolution. With the talent I have been comming across over the last year on the blogoshpere good ideas can be turned into great ideas.
Thank you for reading my blog.

nikki said...

true. no doubt you'll come up with something. i'll be checking in to see what it is.

Ced.It/Meant.It said...

Lyrically, Floetry makes me smile.

I just wish my girl Floacist would gain ten pounds right now. The first time I saw them live, I had to remind myself that the pretty chocolate poet was engaged/possibly married. The last time I saw her, she'd become a vegan and dropped weight like a good dj drops songs on a mixtape!

I still love them, though.

mark said...

Yeah as a hobbyist songwriter I am feeling this girls. And the singer oh my god she is fantastic.