Monday, May 07, 2007


A very talent and committed blogger named Bronze trinity has been putting together resource page for bloggers of african heritage to network and brianstorm with. She has really been putting in some serious work on this project could probably use assistance from like minded bloggers to take the resource page even further. It is already a powerlful and helpful tool in our (black peoples) need to comminicate with and work in harmony with one another.

What she has done so far (largely by herself) will allow bloggers passionate about similar issues to network and focus thier energies into ideas to bring about change in the black world. Please check out the resourece page and the forum this young talented African Queen currently residing in Canada is building.

Thank You Bronze Trinity


Bronzetrinity said...

OMG I didn't even see this! Thanks Mark for helping to get the word out! Awwww

mark said...

My pleasure bronze please let me know anything you can think of that I can do to move this thing forward and I will be more than happy to help.:)

dc_speaks said...

yes...thank you very much for your diligence...both of you actually

mark said...

Thank you for the kind words dc