Thursday, May 10, 2007

Please register with the Afrosphere Forum

Hello Folks thier is now a forum were concerned african americans can go to brainstorm ideas that will make a positive difference for the world black community.
This page which was the brain child of a Blogger named Bronze Trinity has been created specifically bring folks interesting in making the lives of black people better. So to all of my blog family interesting in comming together to bring positive change in the world please register on the Afrpshere Forum Page and express your ideas on how we can take this ideas and turn them into solutions that make a positive difference in the black diaspora.


Daniel said...

My friends on and I are very pleased to read the news. we hope the african americans will have better lives.

dc_speaks said...

thank you for the public and personal invitation. I will register as a result of you, Francis, and Field's posts.

I haven't gotten around that much yet.

mark said...

Yo DC thank you so much my thinking on this is we arent going to overburden anyone person or group with the responsiblity to save the world.

But together if we point our intellectual energy toward changing things for the better in the black world I think we can make progress.

dc_speaks said...

absolutely brah...absolutely.

btw, how did you enjoy yesterdays bugs cartoon? I did recall you saying that bugs was ok with you. How do you see him now? Or his creators?

Bronzetrinity said...

Afrospear forum is temporarily down. The problem has been reported to Jconserv. The administrator of another forum had the same problem so they know how to fix it. I just don't know how long it will take. It started when I tried out one of the templates. As soon as I get on again I will delete that template and just keep the ones that were already loaded. Please don't load any templates until I let you know the problem one has been deleted.

When it gets back up and I not going to change anything else because this is really frustrating!