Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Ok Folks when I got home from yesterday I did the thing I did usually do when I first get home, which is to get out of my work clothes and then slip into something more comfortable.

Anyway after that I continued along my usual routine if I have bought a six pack ofbeer I put 5 beers into the fridge where they will be safe and protected and took one out of the pack for immediate self medicating.

I sit down at the computer which is also is part of the routine, I turn on the computer, try to log on to the internet and what do you know no connection.
After 30 minutes of trying to log on and getting no love I was forced to call verizon. AFter bieng on hold for another 10 minutes I finally get a customer service rep who tells me thier is a block on my account and the department that handles situations like mine is closed until the next day.

Talk about bieng annoyed and not bieng able to satisfy my addiction to blogging that was me alright. Anyway this unfortunate incident got me thinking about how important the internet has become in the daily life of millions of people. I couldnt help but wonder if you had to choose which one could you not do without between

1) The internet
2) TV
3) The radio
4) The telephone or
5) Favorite CD or all time


JustMeWriting said...

I'd say the phone...I do love talking and laughing with friends and family from time to time... although I love my music...I'd be content with singing outloud...I don't watch tv like that so I'd be cool with just the phone.

mark said...

It would be the internet for me because you can use the internet to talk on the phone, listen to music and watch a little tv.

Thank you baby girl for stopping by.

Lavatory Lady said...

Hey Mark!! Thanks for the shout on my site. I would have to say the internet. I can get news and entertainment. The phone used to be my lifeline but with 2 kids and a husband, I just don't have time to chat like I used to. Verizon customer service sucks!

Mega Rich said...

Probably the phone. Next to being in person, it's the preferred method of contact. While I love blogging, I could do without the internet. As long as I still get music in the form of CD's, I'd kick the radio through some goal posts. I practically don't watch TV as it is, so no loss there. I don't have a favorite CD of all time. I have favorite CD's (plural).

mark said...

@ lavatory lady

Keep doing your thing girl you are a difference maker also the reason you stated is the exact reason why I think its the internet you can get a little bit of a lot of different stuff.

@ mega rich

I have to choose the net myself because you can even talk on the phone using the internet.

I thank that both of yall's for stoping by.

dc_speaks said...

the internet. they have internet phones, i can upload songs, watch tv online and radio stations broadcast online tool.

hahaha..yep thats what i'd do

wooo saaaaa just relax mark.

mark said...

Thier is almost no need for radio as many radio programs have internet streams to be downloaded and enjoyed at ones will.

Lavatory Lady said...



As far as radios go; they're all playing the save 5 songs anyway. Even the Jazz and Classical stations become repetitive.

mark said...

@ Lav Lady you are welcome. Have a terrific day.

Bygbaby said...

mos def the internet & the phone is a very close 2nd. I have to be wired to something.


Cynthia said...

I couldn't do w/o The Internet.