Thursday, May 24, 2007


This post is about a group of people who have always annoyed the hell out me. Im talking about folks who are always trying to freeload and get over on people. Let me give you an example of what Im talking about.

Ten or so years ago at one of my various jobs over that time period, I was employed on a job with about ten brothas and sistas who were very similar in backround to myself. None of us lived lavishily or came from the upper class or even upper middle class backrounds. You know the routine none of us was making enough money and quite often we where running on fumes when payday came around. When pay days came around folks where were living it up eating what and where they wanted but by that second week it was brown bag and oodles and noodles lunch action.

Anyway we all made similar amounts of money but thier was always this one particular cat who would try to get over every chance he could. I mean if you went to McDonalds this dude would never give you enough money for his order and then look at you with that we boys aint we, hook me up expression.

Or during quiting times on friday night when we would all chip in for a couple of six packs and maybe a bottle of Hennesy. We would drive down to a the waterfront (potomac river) which was a 1 minute car ride away from the job. Across the street thier was a basketball court which is where we would converge on sometimes first playing a little night time basketball and then we would drink our beer and hennesy after getting our ball on.

Do you know this cat (freeloader) would rarely chip in for the beer and hennesy but would always have his cup out for a taste and quite often that taste would end up bieng the same taste that the rest of us got. No matter what it was, whenever we got together and tried to fund pizza or beer friday or whatever other team building activities we were doing this cat was alwasy thier with empty pockets and cup out. When the fellas would get together to buy a couple of bags of urban medication this cat would even try to medicate for free!

Now Im not advocating using or abusing urban medication but if you want medication you should ad least be willing to contribute to the cause. Along the way I have known or dealt with these kind of folks quite often I could not stand them back in the day and I dont care much for them now. Come to speak of it that cat still owes me 20 dollars just like a Mooch to borrow somethng and not pay it back.



JustMeWriting said...

HECK TO THE YEAH...LOL. Oh my good...Mark, PLEASEEEEE don't get me started on this...leeches...blood suckers...parasites...hahahahah...I can't STAND them, and despite my smiling face...I'm not really nice (all the time) lol, so they gets NATHEN from, I'll go ahead and be nice ONCE...but once I know your's a done deal.

mark said...

LOL. You are right I appreciate the fact that you can relate to where Im comming from on this.

I have thought about these folks often and it seems to me that these folks love to get over no matter what the situation.

Seems like if porchas were going for a nickel and everyone copped one these guys would try to borrow 4 cents from you to get thier. Its not about what things cost with these folks its all about them getting over.

JustMeWriting said...

YES... 'why use mine, when I can use yours' type of's just crazy, but you've just got to NOT give in to them...they can say what they want...they'd betta brign dem

CapCity said...

much as i hate a moocher, i am equally bothered by people who keep giving to 'em or enabling moochers but complain to ME. I give what i intend to give then i CUT 'em OFF! i'm not talking about u, Mark - cuz u don't call me to complain:-)

great post, bro Mark!

mark said...

" much as i hate a moocher, i am equally bothered by people who keep giving to 'em or enabling moochers"

mark bey: Maybe you should say these words to cats 30 and over still living in thier moms and pops basement and paying no rent.

Thank you for visiting capcity

dc_speaks said...

oh..this was da bomb, Mark

excellent post and the topic had me seething.

I know alot of people like tha ttoo. When I cut them off, they actually tried to catch a i owed them or something.

this was my hot spot and you opened a can for me to make collection calls over the weekened.

thanks a bunch, Mark. LOL

mark said...

"this was my hot spot and you opened a can for me to make collection calls over the weekened."

mark bey: LOL. Thanks for the love brotha DC.

dc_speaks said...

anytime, dude.....anytime!