Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Ok here is the outline of an idea to bring enormous pressure on the record companies to clean up the content of hip hop music. Heres how it would go down.

We could find out exactly who to contact in these companies who can change the offensive content of rap music. Then lets start to create and send them and the executives and all guity parties petition after petition suggesting that they change the offending content, find out who thier bosses are send them petition after petition, talk to the share holders to see if they are aware of the offensive content of thier product.

Find out all of the venders each guilty record company does business with and then use similar tactics with them.

Force the apologist of the offensive content (whether they be the company/artist) or anybody else to explain their reasoning for allowing the offensive content to continue to be released to the public. Also these debates should be forced in a public formatt such as the Tavis Smiley show and Al Sharpton shows. When we have them in front of us debating we need to destroy thier arguments with good fashioned common sense because that is what this comes down to. We need to craft our argument against thier so that once we are done with them their position comes across as an insult to common sense.

P.S Back in the day Delores Tucker was right we were just too blind to see it. Way too many of us are still to blind to see it. Also in spite of what the apologist may say it still will not be any justification for a type of music that encourages and glories disrespect and harm to the one group that these young men can count on more than any other group in the world (black women).


Bronzetrinity said...

Great suggestions. I know that on the FCC website there is a link to media information to the public that has a search for media outlets. There has to be something else where you can see which artists are with which labels and who sponsors are etc. Maybe there is something like an industry website or newsletter because people in the industry know this stuff. Once someone finds that then it will be easy to contact the right people or even everyone involved.

mark said...

Thank you Bronze.