Monday, June 26, 2006

Bad Negroes
I have always been inspired by black men and women of past times who stood up and risked life and limb to protect themselves, their children and property. As you may or may not know the criminal justice system was rigged in an obvious and most offensive way against black folk.
Their have been numerous accounts of whites walking into town and murdering black folk in broad daylight never to be charged with a crime.
If their was a trial an all white Jury would usually rule that their wasn’t enough evidence to convict the accused white man or it was self defense, or in the case of lynching it would be ruled, " died at the hands of persons unknown". In fact black people were not even allowed to testify against whites in their own or family members defense.In spite of hundreds of accounts of extra legal killings and murders of black Americans no white person was convicted of murdering blacks until the 1940’s.

During this time millions of blacks migrated to northern areas because of job opportunities and less harsh racial oppression . The situation in the south was no less than state and federally allowed terrorism against black american citizens. James Weldon Johnson was almost lynched by the Florida State Militia for walking in public with a light complexioned African American woman, who the white folks thought was white. Into to this mix steps the bad Negro/ Negress or BN's . These folks male and female deserve major kudos for the shining example of race pride and courage they displayed in the face of the most offensive assualts against their humanity.
A nice percentage of these BN’s ended up swinging from a rope, in jail, whipped, maimed, and or ran off of their land. These BN’s came in the form of slaves and escaped slaves, as well as free people of color. With names such as Frederick Douglass, Robert Smalls (captain smalls), Hariett Tubman (black Moses) , whom the great John brown referred to as General Tubman. and Ida B Wells who carried a pistol on her persons and promising to take a few of the lynch mob with her. Over the years their have been thousands of BN’s such as Nat Turner, Dangerfield Newby, Jack Johnson (first black heavy weight), Emitt Till ( Ill be blogging about him in minute), Ned Cobb (All gods Dangers) and a whole lot of others. .These BN’s existed everywhere across the country and they should all be given respect and love from the entire black community. At a latter date I will be blogging about these and other BN’s .
P.S I consider John Brown a BN, as far as Im concerned his strike against Harpers Ferry, West VA more than qualifies him. Stay tuned I will be blogging more about BN's in the near future. Peace Mark Bey


Asabagna said...

I can hear Michael Jackson singing "I'm Bad!'... lol... nice post!

mark said...

What's Up Asa LOL. By the way hee, hee, hee, followed by massive amounts pelvis grabbing. Mark Bey

Soulfull said...

LOL@asabagna! I can hear that too... Yes, these brothas and sistas are definitely inspiring. I'm interested in seeing your post on Mr. Till. I watched a documentary on Black Family Channel not too long ago about this...

field negro said...

Mad love to all the Bad Ass Negroes out there! Nice post Mark.

Keep dropping that knowledge my brother.


Cynthia said...

Nice post!