Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I’ve got some thoughts , I’m thinking that if a women has kids and she signs up for welfare. She should also sign something saying her kids will be reading and writing on their correct grade level. Look I’m not knocking welfare or people who need help. But their are a whole lot of people getting over on the welfare system. Not everyone but too many people for my taste and working people who pay taxes have a right that those dollars be used efficiently.

Anyway this is what I think we should do and some ideas on how to implement it. If a woman signs up for welfare shouldn’t her kids be at least functioning at the normal grade school level. If the mother cant read we can get her tutoring lessons. I believe that this can be done relatively cheap as both college and high school students need volunteer hours to graduate. The students could tutor the parents in reading first. Then they could move on to basic math science whatever basic courses elementary school kids have. After passing these classes , the parents would get a financial bonus.

When the kids become old enough to began the process of learning to read. We could have free tutoring daycare for the kids ages 3 - 18. All of these services would be performed by volunteers, interns and students. Every year you have basic skills and function test. The purpose of these test would be to make sure that every child is reading and writing at the proper grade level. Students could train the parents to began to teach their kids how to read and write at grade level. We could have public after school programs ran by the parents, students, and professionals (some volunteers). We should also create after games and other interactive activities using rap to teach, reading writing and arithmetic. These programs could be conducted well by the mothers (primarily ones who are smart and have their shit somewhat together), College students in school for education, as well as high school students who need volunteer hours to graduate.

Along the way (from ages 14 -21) you could have the mothers in this program retrained as mothers, leaders and educators to their children. We could set up test for parents and their kids that make sure that they functioning on their correct educational level. . If anyone has any objections to test we can try to do something else that tells how well mothers and kids are doing. I figure it this way, if were going to foot the bill in order to provide welfare to needy women. I got no problem with that , but at least the parents could put in a serious effort to make sure their kids are getting education, reading and writing skills they will need to survive. This also goes for men with kids who sign up for welfare. Mark Bye


Bushwack said...

Ok Man, I don't know if you want me commenting on this issue, so before I do I'll wait for an anwer.

Bushwack said...

its late and I got tired fingers. "Answer"

mark said...

Hell yeah bushwack any thing that I put out there is in the public domain dog. Peace. Mark. Thank you for comming through bushwack

Bushwack said...

Ok Mark here goes,
I admire the your urge to do something, make some changes and be positive in those changes. I also think some of the changes you suggest will require money and several locations to be set up to handle the influx of recipeints. Not that it can't be done, it could be.
It would take a lot of time to convince some, to give it a try. I think your sugggestion about students helping is great. High school students and college kids could and would help if a place could be set up for them to meet and work. (Safety of locations would be forefront in parents mind)
My kids both tutored hispanic kids in english at the church, but I would have been less than supportive if they had to walk through the barrio to offer assistance. YMCA's and Youth centers exist already and there are several org's. that already do what you are suggesting. the problem is mostly, convicing people that get paid to sit on there butts that they need to do this. Sacrifice's must be made on all parties behalf, there is no free lunch so to speak.
There were work/School programs put fourth by the Republican party, to help get Welfare molded into something close to what you suggest.
Free day care, free health care, for those willing to work or go to school, Some took advantage of these programs but most did not and a few of them actually rebuked it to the extent of labeling programs racist. Clinton tried to repair it by throwing money at the welfare system it didn't work either.
I think you are on the right track and when you put your hat in the ring for office let me know, I'll give you a vote. (Then you can say you got the white vote) LOL