Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Over the last few years or so, thier have been many efforts all over the united states of america to push legislation that would require different commenwealth's all over the country to apologize for slavery. Most of these folks requesting such apologies are either black politicians or activist groups such a the Naacp, ect.

Personally I have a couple of serious issues with these folks concentrating time, energy and resources on what I consider to be empty and worthless apologies. Also all of the individuals that owned slaves are dead, and thier ancestors (although they reap benifits from the American outrage that is slavery)had absolutely nothing to do with slavery and it is clear that deep down inside these folks do not want to apologize for american slavery and most white americans feel no responsibility or guilt over the american slavery.

Lawmakers from PG county led the charge to get a resolution apoligizing for slavery, what's next having the states of Virginia and Maryland apoligize for slavery as well, then after that the whole east coast region, then the President once again. Maybe this time hell say hey we are really, really sorry for about that slavery thing that went down in America back in the day.

America can apoligize all she wants to for slavery that still wont change or justify the outrageous behavior of allowing it in the first place, an apology cant travel back in time and stop the pain of bieng whipped and tied to a post or tree. Also an apology wont do anything to change the sickening reality that black americans are doing more suffering than other americans.

Although I am not trying to marginalize the crime of slavery against black americans, the elected officials of PG County have more urgent matters such as

making sure that a pg county children have access to healthcare

making sure that all PG county students get access to the best education possible.

Mobilizing black america and dealing with the aids crisis that is ravaging black america.

Making sure that PG county children have safe and crime free niegborhoods's to grow into adulthood in.

Doing something about the out of control murder and incarceration rate of black males in PG county and black america in general.

I myself am a lover of black history and the black american expierence, however black americans have much bigger fish to fry. In light of the conditions that black americans find themselves in I consider efforts to obtain apologizes for slavery to be a joke as an apology from slavery will do nothing for the 48% of black men who have to grow up without a father to guide them through the process of becomming a man.

How come those same black politicians and activist dont make church officials such as Jesse Jackson apologize for fathering a child out of wedlock when thousands of black people were bieng infected with aids, how come they dont make all of these men who dont take care of thier kids apologize for that, Oh and what about the tribes and African countries that sold us in the first place, or how about an apology from the black church for not showing leadership on the aids crisis devestating black america.

It appears to me that much of the African American leadership has its priorities screwed up and should address real life everyday problems hurting and crippling the progress of black americans instead of beging white america for empty apologies she dosent mean anyway.

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Native Son said...

This has always been a conern for me. I see no problem with apologizing as long as it is done the right way. A lot of people, especially white people feel that States are asking them personally to apologize for slavery. The apology that states are giving are on the behave of living, breathing continual government entity for its role in slavery. So then the question becomes; is it needed? Personally I don't need it, but who's to say that someone else may need not need it. what about the 80 or 90 year old elder who actually live through some of the ugly aftermath of slavery? They may need to hear it. Apologies can very powerfull, if it is sincere and done correctly