Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Afrospear

Thier is a new movement amongst progressive bloggers to create a movmement/forum called the Afrospear. From my understanding this is supposed to be forum where we can exchange progressive ideas and information as well as strategis to implement the ideas that come out of that brainstorming process.

The beautiful and powerful thing about this idea is we (the progressive black bloggers) can benifit from the genral and powerful information and knowledge pool that well be gathered under the overall collective title of " The Afrospear"

What makes me really excited about this movement is the Cell structure which from my understanding will be made up of individual small groups of like minded and interested bloggers and sometimes local bloggers. This we allow us to have boots on the ground in needed locations, while bieng able to seek advice, knowledge encougagement from extremely smart and talented individuals. For someone like me who is full of ideas and ready to get moving this is a godsend as it will help me to remain sane in the light of some of the disgusting trends plaguing the black world.

To give folks a better Idea of what I am talking about here are some of the bloggers working on the project and some of the articles written on this subject.

Francis Holland

The Free slave

The Book of Asa II Testament

I plan on posting more about this subject shortly till then check the following links to learn more about the Afrospear

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