Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Coon On Fox News

I dont usually write about the news although I listen to it most of the day via, radio and internet stream. In fact the majority of my time is spent either watching or listening to the news. However one day in my daily quest for knowledge I found myself over at the Electronic Villager's "Village" enjyoying one his post about the Congressional Black Caucuses dummy move to host two debates sponsored by Fox News. The Electronic Villager had a link of the Sean Hannity show discusing Barack Obama's church with a African American Christian writer.

That is how I first came across a "Coon " named Erick Rush who is a christian Columnist and writer. This guy is truly a JackAss in fact his right up thier with Jesse L Peterson. Hes like a black guy who thinks hes white trying to trying to talk about black culture if you know what I mean. Now dont get me wrong I think the black church is not living up to thier obvious responsibilities. I also think that because of the black churches prejudice against aids black people are dying for reasons that shouldnt be. However I would never go on fox news saying this and I would at least go to the church themselves first to ask them to explain their exact position. This coon got on the airwaves of a the Fox Network a Network that has no love or understanding of african americans and trashed a black progressive church.

After watching the you tube video I really wanted to slap this Jive turkey. Anyway watching the you tube video of this clown made me curious about who this jackass was. So I googled his name to get some more information about him. I found the stereotypical "Coons" like La Coon Sell and Michael Massey in his blog Roll.

I guess "Coons of a Feather Coon together". If thier was a hall of "Cooning" these guys would be first ballot locks. No doubt about it. The only way theyll ever get to heaven is if god allows coons exist in his presence. The sad part about these baffoons is the poverty pimpy industry they hypocritically demonize the Jesses and Sharptons for exploiting is further fueled by thier antics. What makes it reprehensible is that they purposely "Coon" even harder than they Normally would to get a check from people who have no love or respect for black people.


Native Son said...


this guy is a straight idiot. Evertime I see him on TV I cringe. He is one of the many examples of what cultural conditioning does to all of us. He annoys me like no other.

mark said...

LOL. The guy is a real prick.

Bygbaby said...

You know I like a good coon! LOL


mark said...

All coons should exposed publicly! Mark