Tuesday, April 10, 2007


For the last few days I have been paying attention to this Don Imus business. Apparently Mr.Imus who claims he is not a bad person, insist that he only said a bad thing.

Well Imus has a history of saying racist, insensitive and hurtful things as well as allowing his Racist sidekicks to say them. His worm of a sidekick Benard McGurk is particualary offensive and racist so much so that on an Episode of the A and E Channels Biography about Imus the racist behavior of his producer was specifically mentioned.

Anyway this clown went on the Al Sharpton show yesterday to try to worm his way out of this one by saying that he wasnt a racist, but excuse me if I find this hard to believe in light of his pryor record. Also what right has an ugly old white bafoon like him have to make fun of anybodies looks, that pig looks like hes been in rehab for about 200 years. What right has this racist got ridiculing black women because they dont have Anglo or European features, as a black man who grew up around the self destructive colorism thing in the black community I find his reprehensible. I was pleased to hear Brain Mitchell (sports talk show host)who expressed a similar sentiment stating that he didnt think it was fair to his daughters.

Anyway here is a webpage from Media Matters documenting some of the racist things said on the Don Imus Show.


Exodus Mentality said...

Is Racial Insensitivity Indicative Of Racial Animus?

Answer the question for yourself. Does every person who expresses racial insensitivity through words or deeds, necessarily harbor animosity towards the targeted racial group? Does every white/Asian/Latino comic who makes an insensitive Black joke hate Black people? Is it true, as many whites would assert, that the same holds for Black comedians who make insensitive jokes about white/Asian/Latino people? Why do otherwise respectable, apparently decent people display racial insensitivity or animosity? Why do these people invariably express a complete lack of understanding as to how and/or why they display these attitudes? Why are Black folks still apparently surprised that white people maintain latent white supremacist tendencies. These are the types of questions we should be discussing in the wake of the Don Imus incident. Instead it's turning into the theater of the absurdly macabre.

If you've got answers for these questions we would like to hear them. www.exodusmentality.blogspot.com

Villager said...

mark - A post by field caused me to wonder about this so-called national debate on race relations ... if you were the moderator for the national debate, what would be the first question that you pose to the panel members?

Native Son said...


you ask some very though provoking questions that we a a community need to discuss nad hash out. I think we are all victims of cultural conditioning; and now we are reaping its destructive affects

mark said...

"I think we are all victims of cultural conditioning; and now we are reaping its destructive affects"

mark bey: Isnt this what Malcolm was arguing, wasnt this what the panthers were arguing. Wasnt this in some way what carter g woodson was arguing when he said "you dont have to tell a negro to go to the back door, he will automatically do so in fact if thier is no back door he will cut one for his own special benifit".

My question is if this is what folks believe then what do we do about it.

Bronzetrinity said...

Thank you media Matters! I'm glad that there are groups like this who do this type of work!