Tuesday, April 17, 2007


First off let me say that Don Imus is a weasel,his producer Bernard McGurk is an even bigger weasel so his departure will be not be missed by me one iota. However when the people started contacting politicians and sponsors, when the sponsors started to pull away from Imus that opened up the same treatment to black radio personalities and artist. IF a white person or orginization dosent like some of the content and language used black radio programs they can do go after the sponsors of those programs as well.

Many of the black morning programs that we like to listen to go right up to the line in terms of decency and taste, some cross that line with no shame in thier game. Do we understand that black radio stations which play farrakhan speeches will no longer be able to play those in which he makes caustic,deragotory, racist,anti-semitic remarks. I wonder do black people understand that the day may be comming when we cant go around saying what we want to, when we want to and to whom we want to. Anyway Im glad that Imus is gone he was a jerk, who hired a weasel (McGurk) specifically to tell nigger jokes. To me that says more than anything else about who Imus really is. Having said that if we dont go after this hip hop artist, thier record labels and all other responsible parties that allow some of this extremely offensive content that is highly disrespectful to black women. Im not saying that they shouldnt make money, but it is time for black america to grow up and stop allowing these murderous and neanderthal messages that devaule black women and black people in general. It is time for black america to cook our own weasels who are saying and doing reprehensible things that not only make us look bad but also hurt us.


I am not Star Jones said...

thanks for coming to the Cafe. I will be returning to your blog.

mark said...

Thank you. I love your moniker and the picture.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

You're right! If we hold other people to standards of decency, it's only right that we should holds ourselves to those standards as well. There's no point in asking others not to pee in the pool if we (some Black people) are going to continue peeing in the same pool.

We have to ask EVERYONE to change behavior, starting with Imus and moving on to Hip Hop. But each person's behavior mod will make a difference, no matter what other people do.

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