Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Narrative of Ida B. Wells

Audio narrative

This lady right here is one of the all stars of black history. In fact I have a bit of a intergenerational time travelers crush on Mrs. WElls. Ida B Wells was 1 billion percent lady and 1 billion percent women. Her investagations and writings chronicle the tale of lynching in the American south especially. Because of her work a very strong case can be made against the Federal Goverment for criminal neglect of the African american population.

Ida B. Wells "CRUSADE FOR JUSTICE just copy and paste the below links into an empty browser to listen to crusade of justice. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think about the Ida B Well's Narrative. Thank you.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
part 6
part 7 02.mp3


Bronzetrinity said...

Thanks for coming by the site and telling me about your idea. Audio recording of Black history would be convenient and useful to people! The internet will be a great way to make Black history accessible to everyone :)

mark said...
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CapCity said...

Hi Mark, just saw your comment on Plez's blog & I was intrigued enough to check yours out.

Your statement:"Because of her work a very strong case can be made against the Federal Goverment for criminal neglect of the African american population." makes me laugh sarcastically, because Do We REALLY NEED more "evidence" against the Fed. Govt's criminal abuse & neglect of the Black population - most of whom were brought here against our will in the first place?

Great post! & thanks for the audio-"lessons".

mark said...

@ capcity

capcity: "Do We REALLY NEED more "evidence" against the Fed. Govt's criminal abuse & neglect of the Black population"

mark bey: No we dont need anymore evidence to prove the crimes of america against black people.

Also I meant to say criminally negligent homicide by the federal goverment specifically because black activist for years tried to get the president and congress to pass antil lynching legislation but they wouldnt do it because the powerful sothern voting block in the congress. Anyway thier is a clear patern of abuse sometimes helped along by the police and other local goverment all throughout the south, the rights they illegally stole from us were garuanteed by the constittion. The law officials that were supposed to protect black citizens were also partially funded by black tax dollars. This allowed a situation where black people could be shot in the middle of the street in broad daylight for trying to excercise thier rights as citizens for such things as voting. From shortly after the civil war up until the victories of the civil rights movements black politicans and activist constantly made a fuss to the federal goverment about the crimes and murders black folk were subjected to in fact congressional hearings were held on just the matter and the brutality suffured by the freedmen and women is written into the congressinal record. So the fact that the federal goverment allowed the southern state goverments who fault against the federal goverment to voilate the rights of black folk up till murder of.

As for some of the other crimes during slavery that would be a bigger lawsuit because in court the first thing they would say is that slavery was legal which would be a much longer case although we could win that one too. But that is a much bigger case biggest we would be make a moral and not a legal argument.

We could charge the federal goverment with criminal negligent homicide because they knew exactly what was going on and did nothing to protect the lives of black americans who were bieng murdured all throughout the south(many murdured by the police)because thier is no statute of limitations on murders.

Lastly I wasnt suggesting that we take this course I was only trying to show love and apprecitiation for the work of Ida b Wells which clearly demonstrates exactly what was going on and all guilty parties.

Black folk have more urgent fish to fry than going after the fed govt. Thank you for visisting my blog Capcity sorry for leaving this giant comment.

JustMeWriting said...

Hey Mark, I left a message on Acting White's latest post, primarily for you to check out this site

I just thought I'd leave that info here since you'll have to wait for the comment to be posted. Anyway...I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Bronzetrinity said...

I'm moving on the China Boycott and I have posted it on my blog. I'm going to email it to be posted to the Afrospear blog and then we can start advertising. Thanks for bringing this idea to the Afrospear!