Thursday, September 14, 2006

Start a Job program in Africa

Thier are many things that the continent of Africa needs that its Human Capitol can provide. Africa has great mineral, animal as well many other types of resources. The resources can be used to manufacturer products, that the people on the continent need. The labor, time, investment and effort put into producing some of the products ( things such as Corn, Oats, Oil ect) would create jobs needed to in their production. And hopefully those jobs will stimulate related economies related and attached to thier social business/plan/philosophy.

Africans should produce the products that they need and create the jobs to produce those products. Once again I’m talking about the corn , oats, oil or whatever it may be that Africans need or even desire. Different enhancing and supporting services, goods and businesses could be created by Africans to go along with those needed products . Africans could be trained at academic academies to serve specific government and social functions all throughout the continent. The Africans could be trained to form and create their own think tanks on how to practically govern and create a prosperous, friendly and strong continents especially in the economic and social realms. This will generate a fair share of wealth for the governments in the form of taxes.

For instance Africa could and should supply all of her own needs for oil. Whether that be exploration, refinement or creation of products directly associated with oil. The Revenue generated can provide income and financing for other investment in Africa’s great supply of Natural resources. In oil rich places like Nigeria and Angola I believe that the oil companies making huge profits should be forced or politically influenced to set up training, mentorship and education programs. This will result in a process that allows Africans to develop their own companies and gain more control over their own resources. The profits from all of these activities should be used to enhance Africa’s social and economic infrastructure. Once Africa develops and can process its own wealth it can then develop an economic and social structure that promotes justice, equality of all ethnicities, democracy , and complete transparency within government.This intellectual and educational community would also have to have a strong human, civil and woman’s rights and component. Full equality of African women is vital to Africas development. Africa must promote laws, rules, customs that encourage respect and honor of woman and children. Women must have access to all levels of power in government, the community and home if Africa wants to compete in the comming years global economy.

Africa must use the gifts and potential of its human capitol including its women and children if she wants to become a 1st or even a second world nation. Also safe sex must be encourage on an epic scale to slow the spread of aids. Think about this Africa is going to need a lot of aids caregivers in the seeable future, this is where our beautiful African sisters could and would shine. Development of all of Africa's human capitol is vital for the success of Africa.

One prime example of what I’m talking about would be for the Africans to produce a simple product like oodles and noodles ( or any other cheap and convient product you can think of). Oodles and Noodles can be used to feed billions of people cheap and economically Africans could grow and produce the materials used in making the noodles, they could own and drive the cars that be ship the product and stored very easily. The product also has a very long shelf life. Now the product we produce don’t just have to be Noodles they anything from solar panels used in the god awful hot Sudan to generate electric, to wind mills or any other lucrative business venture.

I believe Africans have the resources to create themselves without any outside assistance.

1) Bikes you need Rubber, metal, to produce bikes. African should become a bike and Scooter society.

2) Transportation society including an Airline that was ran, managed and overseen by a neutral service outside of the continents.

3) A continental sports and entertainment consortiums that . These consortiums would be used to figure our where to put soccer, and other sport franchises that were economically viable across Africa. Africans can make music and art as good as everyone else. Africans can play soccer at least as good as everyone else. So why shouldn’t they finance their own teams* With econonimies around, supporting or related to the sports teams.* Media Jobs would be created by the sports and entrainment franchise.* This media consortium would also but TV shoes and advertising agencies. With a think tank and investment corporation to go along with it.

4) Intellectual academies composed of very smart youth from all over Africa, to be keepted in low or no frills boarding house schools, fed all they want and earn their keep by learning english, math etc, while be trained to be leaders. These schools would function like this, we take young boys and girls from war torn and poverty stricken regions who are known to be good in math or show lots of potential in other relevant areas. We build a community for the youth, much like college cities, supplied goods and services (laundry, snacks, delivery, ect). We create these intellectual communities, we give the youth English lessons first and strenuously, we give them heavy doses of math, business, science, HIV prevention and good and clean government lesson training. This intellectual community would be composed of the boys and girls who would be students and Teachers who would be comprised of ( In theory at least) world class professors who donate their time to teach their on their vacations, teachers as part of missionary and other social programs, students majoring in community service and education who need internships to graduate. The schools and the educational community would be monitored by the most balanced and accurate education accreditation body.

With innovatation, agency, self reliance, thrift and good TRANSPARENT GOVERMENT we Africans can do this. MUCH LOVE TO AFRICA. IN FACT IF YOUR BLACK AND YOU DONT LOVE AFRICA F#CK YOU.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

09 18 06

Hey Mark I agree and in fact this post is quite similar in tone to the one I did a coupla days back regarding trade liberalization in Africa and protectionism. Good read, you are quite passionate!

mark said...

Yo Mandhi thank you for your support, I think africa is going to have to clean her laundry before she can prosper. You know things like eliminate the endemic corruption, crime as well as the reprehensible treatment of women. It is very sobering when I think about all the things she must overcome, times like these I makes me pray/chant/meditate. Mark

Anonymous said...

Mark .. I feel you. You are a man of strong conviction and a huge heart. BUT ... we can't win all the battles. Like that fat man Buddha said, "Save the only life you can."

I feel that if we can channel our anger into solving a problem instead of attacking one, then we've really made a lasting victory. We build something that others will come to ... and in turn, bring they're solution skills to other problems.

Let's talk more.


mark said...

" I feel that if we can channel our anger into solving a problem instead of attacking one, then we've really made a lasting victory. We build something that others will come to ... and in turn, bring they're solution skills to other problems."

Yo Fred thier are ways to make something like that happen. I have been a part of a group who took programs from the idea stages to finish productions. The key is this find people with similar skills, passions and or needs present ideas that all of them can sink thier teeth into and lead. Thier are so many people and resources out thier for things such as this one. Anyway I am one hundred percent serious about making real change in black america and the world.