Sunday, September 03, 2006

Although I know they serve a purpose (Shiver)

Im not talking about the fish Im talking about that god awlful worm in his mouth. To be precise its scientific name is Cymothoa exigua and it is an Isopod an undersea crustacean closely related to wood lice ( Potato Bugs) . This particular parasite is the only known parasite that eats and then replaces a body part or organ of its host. This animal crawls into fish through thier gill slots, attaches itself to the toungue of its victim and feeds on the tongues blood supply. Once the tongue shrivels up the Louse takes the place of the tongue, processing the fishes food and feeding itself in the process.

I know your saying enough with the parasite articles but I just had to express exactly how I feel about this critter. So I promise this last post about parasites. However in defense of myself just let me say that the louse is abusing that poor fish, and said fish (snapper) bieng my favorite I just couldnt let this ride. Im so offended by these guys that if I had access to gods control room or one of his magic wands I would get rid of these guy's once and for all. I would show them zero mercy.


The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

TO Mark

I see you are a pursuer of the knowledge of nature that is good Mark and thanks for giving me this knowledge because I did not know any of this. Those poor fish must be in pain pyhsically have the blood of their tounges drained and then they starve because the louse worm eats their food. That is pain too yeah I see why you would want to get these creatures off the planet.

By Chance

mark said...

YO Chance thank you for stopping by, actually the louse does not harm the fish it actually replaces the fishes tongue. I had read about these guys about 4 months ago, but when I went on a search for pictures I couldnt find any. I know you can imagine what its like to be curious or looking for some info using google but not be able to find. I must have searched a whole hour 1 evening looking for pictures of this so when I finally saw another article with pictures I just had to blog about this guy. Chance thank you for your continued support.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

09 06 06

ICK! And I learned something quite interesting Mr. Bey. Thanks:)

mark said...

You are welcome Mahndisa as always it is a pleasure having you stop by thanks.

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Mark

Chance: Hey you took the time to search for all of that information and search for pictures I learned something also about nature thanks to you mark.

Support hey you have always supported me.

By chance

Aulelia said...

oh my days! i never knew that at all -- those worms should be executed ! (extreme but i won't be able to look at a fish again the same way!)

mark said...

LOL @ aulelia Welcome aulelia ( not sure how to pronounce your name)thank you for stopping by and rest assure the execution of these worms is on my life long accomplishment and to do list. Although it is way down on the bottom so dont expect these lice to be eradicated anytime soon.Peace Aulelia

Gayle said...

I came in by way of a link Mahndisa left up. She says you are "sweet"! That's a good enough recommendation for me. :)

Regarding the "Lousy Worms" I agree. They should be called "Louse Worms!" I've never heard of them before either. As I fish quite often, I hope I never run into one! I hope they don't reside in the U.S.!

Sherril said...

What I am wondering is has anyone gone to eat a snapper (with the head of course) and found the louse inside it's talk about disgusting! One has to wonder.

Long time no see, Mark.

mark said...

@ gayle thank you for stopping by, they do live in america they are common off coast of San Franciso.

@ sherril thank you for stopping by A guy in london found one of those when he was getting ready to prepare a meal.

Sherril said...

Thanks for that site; I went to it and bookmarked it. Question for you....where or how did you first encounter this very interesting parasite? And why do you think it serves a purpose? And, statement, not question, come back over to my blog. I appreciate your input there.

Anonymous said...

Mark, you are killing me with this stuff! But good post nevertheless. Is this a metaphor for something?
I mean the whole parasite latching on thing, and then becoming the very thing they latch on to.

Mmmmmm, deep!

Your Boy Field.

Sorry I had to post as anonymous. You know the whole beta blogger thing.


mark said...

fn:I mean the whole parasite latching on thing, and then becoming the very thing they latch on to.

Mmmmmm, deep!

mb: Man field I was even thinking on that deep a level, I was just curious and offended by these guys. Ill get back to blogging relevant post tonight. Sorry about the parasite FN, those guys just offend me Im just trying to figure out a way I can get rid of them then reconcile that sh#t with god. But I cant and thats my delima. Damn.Damn.Damn.

Cynthia said...

That does sound very painful...