Thursday, September 14, 2006


For a while now I have been wondering what would happen to human beings if we were stripped of all technology and the world returned to the way it was 2000 years ago. Here’s the scenario we would exist under. The population would be decreased to lets say 100 million people, thier are no books, or any other human inventions we take for granted nowadays.

We are in North America, there is an equal amount of people from all races here and although thier are no inventions, we (man) have retained all of the knowledge we have aquired up until 2006 it just isnt written down which means a lot of knowledge would be lost. We would know how to set up a democratic goverment, have the knowledge to smelt metal, we would know how to build houses from grasses (Also from wood if we could cut it), we would know that mosquitoes cause many ailments and would have enough sense not to build our homes near river, lakes or streams.

Now here are some of the problems I see, America 2000 years ago was full of dangerous critters such grizzlies and black bears, wolves and panthers as well as crocodiles and alligators if your living down the south. We would have all of these things to contend with, plus no weapons or shelter to protect ourselves from the elements. So now you have the scenario that we would be living under. What do you think are the first and most important things we would have to do to survive and how long would it take for man to get back to anything approaching the modern world we live in today.

By the way we are all transported to this imaginary world with nothing but a T-Shirt and shorts on no shoes and it is mid –September.


Asabagna said...

Yo Mark... welcome back... where did you go? Btw, thanks for the recent posts on my page.

I have been very busy since we last communicated. I got married, am moving to a new city at the end of this month, as well as starting a new job. So although I have been reading your posts I really haven't had time to respond or engage you in some conversation.

As usual your posts are insightful and make me contemplate certain issues differently. Once I get more settled, I will have the time to engage in deeper conversations.

Keep on keepin' on mah brothah!


The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

Hey mark

Chance: We would immediately star creating invention, books, writing things down woith the pencils we create, shelter, food, etc because we still have the knowledge of these things in our heads. And, within 100 years we will be at least on the level of the 1940s because of this knowledge. There would be more inter-racial sex also because no one would have more materialism thatn the other since we all are starting out on the same level. So there would be no competion to fight for materialsim. Also, unfortunately some members from all racial groups would revert to animal brute violence and negativity raping robbing etc but with our knowledge we would survive. Also there would be a few racial wars here and there but in 100 years society will be on the level of the 1940s and may 50s.

By the way I have not been posting as frequently on my blog/website because I have been trying to find the right template I hope I got it now. Ane regular posting will start this week. It takes a lot to put together and edit a template adding colors, pictures, fonts, text size, etc this is what I have been doing and I hope I have finished with it all for a while.

I hope nothing goes wrong with this template I just edited because I put a lot into it man I did.

Take care, Mark

By Chance

Jeha said...

I am not sure how long it would take us, but we will soon be back to our old habits...

It is not "animal brute violence" as you call it, more like human nature. and excessive testosterone.

"Omo omini Lupu"; Man is a wolf to other men.

mark said...

Yo Asa thank you for stopping by

Chance I apreciate your support also I like your new look.

Jeha thank you for your comments here, I tried living a comment on one of your articles but it erased because I didnt have beta blogger. Anyway I will leave it againg on tuesday.

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Mark,

Thanks Mark and glad that you like the way the new look of my blog.
I will see you around.

By Chance