Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bike Ride in Oxon Hill Maryland

When I 12 I got a ten speed bike for christmas. I was so happy I couldnt wait to go exploring around my nieghborhood. I was so excited I just had to take her out that day. It was pretty cold but that first ride was good and exhilirating . From then on I was rarely wihout my bike. I would imagine I probably rode my bike 5 days a week.

Eventually a friend of mine introduced me to a bike trail called henson creek. This trail ran about 7 miles and emptied out somewhere close to the potomac river. This bike trail was surronded by woods, it ran behind rosscroft raceway ( a horse racing track), it ran under highways, around golf courses, through marshlands and many other scenic features. I saw rabbits, beavers, turtles, frongs, snakes, crayfish, just to name a few animals. I remember bieng in exctasy when riding through this trail. One day I was riding my bike in the evening time, as I was approaching the end of the trail my chain snapped and I was 5 miles from home. I had no money to make a phone call, I knew no one in the area. So under those circumstances I began to walk. Even though the walk took about 2 hours I didnt mind too much because I like to walk. I spent a warm pleasant evening walking home and listening to the sounds of the animals around me. I do not rememeber what I thought about that evening but just the memorie of riding my bike on the Heson Creek bike trial brings a smile to my face.. During times such as those I have always felt closer to god. Getting to see animals I had only read about, creeks, ponds and lakes while riding my bike is something I shall always remember fondly. Mark Bey

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Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

05 26 06

Yeah Mark, Biking always brings us to a place of comfort from childhood. And seeing all of the sights along the way DO bring us closer to God, imho. Speaking of bike rides, have you seen the DEATH RIDE IN THE CALIFORNIA ALPS? If not, here is a link. Tee hee hee, me and the husband wanna try it out for next year, but will likely view part of the race for this year:) Have a good weekend!