Wednesday, May 10, 2006

( And the corresponding tale of fatherless boys)
Im not trying to justify any negativite or anti-social or self destructrive behavior. Cause that aint my thing. But it is a well known fact that young men who grow up without fathers are more likely to participate in anti-social behaviour than those with a father. If you look at the statistics what becomes crystal clear is this, young men who grow up without a father are much more likely to be involved in criminal, violent and anti-social behavior. They are much more likely to do time in juvenile or adult criminal dentention centers. I could go further but I think Ive made my point. Men are not born they are developed. To do this it takes competent leadership. For most young men that leadership would come from dad. But for far to many black male youth, that leadership is nowhere to be found. This is why we need to implement the Bull Elephant strategy when dealing with young black men. Bull elephants provide a stabilizes factor in the world of elephants. Without this young male bull elephant who are kicked out the heard can get way out of control. Young black men who have been abandoned by thier fathers get way out of control also. If young black men are allowed to rob, murder, and committ all kinds of other dispicable acts against each other why shouldnt they do it to everyone in thier community. There is no way we can rise to our rightful place in the world until the attitude of rank and file black men is about family, community and personal uplift. Black men must take personal responsiblity not only for themeselves and thier families. But also the community at large. I believe our collective social health or attitude depends on it. Black men should began to take responsibility for the protection of thier families and communities even from rogues and thugs no matter what color they are. This is where the Bull Elephant strategy comes in.

From 1978 until the mid 1990's thousands of adult elephants were culled in an effort to keep thier numbers at manageble proportions. These culls was done without any regard as to the affect on the young elephants made orphans. Anyway they took 17 young male elephants, made orphans, and repopulated them to another park. After a while rhino's began turning up dead, tourist, park rangers and wild life activist began getting reports and actually witnessing the young male elephants attacking and killing rhino's. These attacks were particular nasty, the elephants would gore the rhino's in the shoulder resulting in a painful and lingering death. Over a period of 4 years 40 white rhino's were killed in the same manner. During this time the idea to bring in 6 adult bulls was developed and implented. After the adult bulls were released into the park the killing of rhino's stopped. It turns out that young male elephant's need the calming factor of a strong bull elephants. Turns out young adult elephants need to be learned just were they stand in the big picture. Basically those fools need to be policed . Does any one see where Im going with this?

Now back to young black men. When boys of any color across social economic lines grow up with thier fathers they tend to be less violent and display less anti- social behavior. I suspect this is in part due to the fact that only men (the fathers) are physically strong enough to restrain male youth and deal with them in that manner, if it gets that down and dirty. This is true in Elephant society as well. Young men need to be policed by thier fathers and other strong men in the community. If we show the disadvantaged young black men the unconditional love they yearn for. I believe we can began to find out what they need to become productive citizens. Once we find out what they need, it will be easier to assist them thru the middle passage. I believe this is the most crucial stage to a persons' (young black male's) proper development. Spiritual or otherwise. Im not attempting to identify or diagnose every thing affects black folks negatively. Im just trying to present an accurate picture of what I think is going on and some things that need to be done. If we work together dillegently and creatively we can figure out way's to positively influence young black men to focus a lot more attention on thier families. If as a people we love young black males unconditionally and responsibly they well recipricate. But we must guide them in a responsible way. Like Bull Elephants we must control the imediate and household world they are nurtured and developed in. I believe if we focus energy in the area of changing black men we will greatly improve the quality of life for all of america. Mark


The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Mark,

Man that was excellent and great the bull elephant story is based upon truth. Yes we all need to find out who we belong to and we find that out by way of being guided by olde males maening a father threw the father and other men his age the young boys develop a sense of purpose and meaning in life we now know where we belong on this planet instead feeling isolated and not belonging to anyone or higer purpose of life.

GOOD ESSAY MARK and good knowledge I learned about the bull elephants when they are isolated they don't feel they have a purpose and a community to connect to. Let the world know who is Mark BEY let them know Mark because you got knowledge.

Take Care, Mark

BY Chance

ugz said...


Hello, told you I'd come by! I like this article a lot, especially a truly the metaphoric analogy of the bull elephant. You speak like an African.

Nevertheless, we (blacks) can not be compared to the top animals of the survival pyramid. The Young Bull elephants have no natural opponent in their environment. So the Elephant analogy can be applied to young WHITE men who go buck wild in AMERICA.

In america, we are third tier survivors. At best zebras if not wildebeests. We have so many opponents in the environemnt here in America, including, racism, police brutality, inferior education, inferior health care etc.

Then we adopt a strategy of survival just like the wildebeests. We can sacrifice and blame the weak, the sick, the uneducated, the poor, for the survival. while our sissy leaders enjoy the easy route to life and success.

In this environement, we have to adopt the strategy of the wild African buffalo. When the natural predators come, the strong and powerful bull buffalos make a circle around the females and children. A strategy of self defence.

ugz said...

The jews did the Elephant thing for centuries in Europe. They disciplned their kids and showed them to integrate and become rich but what followed?

You know the holocaust where a couple of millions of them were experimented on.

The Elephant thing ultimately will work against us bro.

Self Defence, Mark, thats why I do 2 hundred of them push ups and pull ups... get a shoulder whose punch can drop a bull elephant :) and ofcourse attract a potetial mate

field negro said...

OK I just read this post. My man you were right on point!As you know, I am serious about this nurturing issue when it comes to black males.

There is nothing left to say, you said it all.

Peace. (For now:))


mark said...

Ugz said: In this environement, we have to adopt the strategy of the wild African buffalo. When the natural predators come, the strong and powerful bull buffalos make a circle around the females and children. A strategy of self defence.

Mark said: Ugz you are deffinately write about making circles around our women and protecting them. I think we should ready to die , on the spot for our women and children. Look when I brought up the bull elephant strategy I was only refering to the physical policing of young black men. These young men really think they get to do whatever they want. There are lots of philosophies and behaviors of the animal and human world that we need to adopt in our lives for the good of our people. So the article wasnt meant to touch on all we need to do, I was just trying to highlight something that young black males arent getting. Mark

Ugz my bag I though I had left a response to your comment.

ugz said...

I liked the article :)

Anonymous said...

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