Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Is the Christian right suffering from amnesia ( or even selective memory when it comes to morality? If abortion is wrong then what about the death penalty? Are not people who've been sentenced to die god's children as much as anyone born? Has god ever expressed the idea that one of his children's lives is more precious than any other? Even for those convicted of heinous and disgusting crimes. If one believes it is justified to lobby, rally and protest against abortion for moral and biblical reasons in defence of innocent human life, then why isnt that same standard bieng applied to death row inmates? Isnt a man or women locked up in a jail cell as deffensless as an unborn child? Is thier anything they can do to protect themselves from whatever punishmnent society hands down? Does god imply or say that it is just to execute any of his children? For any reason??????? Do the scriptures imply that it is just to execute any of god's children? Some forces in the right to life movement have even resorted to the use of blowing up clinics, and Killing abortion clinic staff. Millions of dollars are spent every year on television and radio commercials to sway public oppinion on both sides. The abortion issue is truly one of the most divisive issues in the country. The driving force of this movement are the Evangelical christians (or christian right). They insist that abortion is murder and theirfore not santioned by god. Wether or not science can prove when life actually starts is a fundemental point of dispute in the abortion debate. Opponets of abortion claim conception is when life starts, supporters dont believe this. No one howeve argues whether or not men and women sentenced to death qualify as life. So my questions is, if god created all human beings, and all human beings are born into sin, and no one sin is any worse than in other in the eyes of god, then how under such circumstances can the death penalty be just? If people can fight against abortion with Right to Life Zeal then shouldnt some of that zeal be directed to getting rid of the death penalty. ( After all it has been well documented that people convicted and executed for murder have been proven innoncent through later DNA testing .

Governors, and other politicians have called for a moratorium on the death penalty, after years of lobbying by community groups, social activist and family members of the convicted. Some Governors have even instituted a moratorium on Capitol punishment. Thier have been countless incidents of police and prosecutorial misconduct. These offenses include everything from withholding evidence from the defense to intimidating witnesse's into giving false testimony. In 2006 Two New York city anti mafia cops named Stephen Caracappa andLouis Eppolitol, were convicted of murder and framing an innocent man for murder. A witness in that case later recanted his testimony stating that Caracappa and Eppolito had threatned him into testifiying . It is for these reasons that some govenors have called for a moratorium on the death penalty. Mothers, fathers, siblings ect have testified to the innocence of family members, witnesse's have recanted testimony leading to the overturning of previous convictions, some of these convictions were death sentences. The Naacp and other social justice orginizations have found racial bias in the application of the death penalty. Now here is where DNA becomes important. Over 100 people have had guilty convictions overturned after bieng proven innocent by DNA tecniques that did not exist at the time of conviction. Most murder cases have no perpertraitor DNA to test. It is for all of these reasons why thier is a building movement to institute a nationwide moratorium on the death penalty. Is it moral or just to continue to execute americans, when it is a well documented fact that innocent people have been executed.

Now dont get me wrong I have absolutely no sympathy for murderers or rapist. I felt absolutely no sympathy for Stanley "Tookie"Williams . As far as Im concernced his founding of the crips is enough to brand him guilty of the vilest crime possible. I look at it this way how many mothers have had children murdured by the crips. Whatever the crips did I believe part of the responsibility falls on Stanlely Williams. That alone qualifies him for the harshest punishment the law allows in my book. I have nothing against capitol punishment if it is applied consistantly and

1) If it is absolutely proven the person is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.
2) If there is no police or prosecutorial funny business.
3) If there is no witness corruption or false testimony.
4) If you can garauntee a fair and impartial, judge and Jury.
5) If it is applied evenly and equally in all 50 states.

But as of now this is not the case. Some states allow the death penalty, some dont, one person may kill someone and be sentenced to life, someone else does the same but gets the death penalty. Roughly 800 executions have been performed by the state and Federal goverments since 1976. Over 100 people some on death row have been exonerated thru DNA analysis. For every 8 executions 1 person convicted rape, murder ect has been exonerated through Dna testing. The Christian right has gone after legal abortion with great energy and fire. They beleive that this battle is sactioned and in accord with the laws of christianity . If this be true wouldnt the death penalty be an obvious and soft target under such laws?
If a convicted of murderer gives his life to Jesus, admits guilt and commits his life to god how can it possibly be just to execute them. Didnt Jesus say " let he who is without sin cast the first stone". Ought the govermerment be allowed to cast stones anyway. So it is my oppinoion that when it comes to the death penalty the Christian right is suffering from moral amnesia.


The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Marks,

The christian RIGHT has degenarated there is almost no difference between the right and the political left. Also so much hypocrisy in church this is what turns many people off.

By Chance

DarkStar said...

OK, this is good.

Roderick said...

The abortion isssue is a race thing. All of those unborn white babies being aborted instead of being added to the population to offset all of those Hispanics popping out from everywhere.

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.