Friday, May 26, 2006

Over the course of my life. I have spent much time agonizing about the problems and conditions that black people find themselves in. The crimes committed by white america against her black population are well documented in the annals of american history. Fortunately for black americans we no longer live in daily fear of white people lynching, mudering or beating us. Unfortunately we are now plagued with a self destructive wave of crime, violence and corruption administered by blacks against blacks.
I for one am extremely frustrated over whats happening to black people all over america as well as the globe. One can make an argument that black folks are doing the most suffering in america and throughout the world. All across the country in urban areas the numbers of young black men killed by other black men is stagering. The numbers of people robbed and harrassed by rogues in our communities is stagering. I cant help feeling that if it was white people killing young black men, or terrorizing our communities that black folk would be rioting in the streets.
What if white folks were enslaving the people of sudan, or responsible for killing 800,000 thousand Rawandans in 8 months. What if white bands of thugs, militias and so called freedom fighters such as the " Lords Resistance Army" of Congo were roaming the african savanah and countrysides robbing, killing, rapping and mutilating women, children and men. What if white people were still in political power and leading africans down the path of missery and destruction. What if white UN soldiers were found guilty of having sex with young girls in liberia that they were supposed to be protecting. What if white politicians were routinely destabilizing african goverments through coups and revolutions, leading to ethnic massacres and other kinds of attrocities. What if a white politician had taken power in Zimbabwe( like Robert Mugabe) then proceed to hold power without check, arrest disenting political opponets, and destroy the country that as recently as 20 years ago was the bread basket of south and central africa. What if white politicians were perpertraiting some of the worse corruption abuses in the world against the people of africa. What if white politicians were in control of africa and had ignored the aids epidemic the way it has been ignored all over africa. What if white people had committed all of these crimes ( some of them genocide) against black people.
Well I for one believed that we (black people) would have collectively gone postal several thousand ( if not millions of) times over. The nationalistic and militant rhetoric, from such groups as the Black Panther Party For Self Defense ,and The Nation OF Islam of the 60's and 70's would have seemed like verbal baby food in comparison to what would be said if white folks were committing the above crimes. If white folks were enslaving africans, or muslims Farrakhan probably would have personally lead an armored tank dvision against the enemy. But since it is muslim on black, or straight black on black crime it appears that on some level in our collective minds this has become acceptable. I believe that a black person, killing, raping, robbing, or committing any other crime major or minor against a black person is every bit as evil as a white person doing it. There is no justification for any violent crime committed against black people by anyone on the planet. When we allow black on black crime to go unpunished the message sent is loud and clear. The message is a black life isnt worth spit and is not worthy of respect. This is someting we must find a way to change. Mark Bey


The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Mark

You are right on point Mark with this essay-post, many negative frustrated on the inside blacks attack and beat, murder, disrespect, throw insults, etc at other blacks who have done them no harm. Because they feel that white politicians and whites don't care about blacks we don't see many whites doing this to their own why? Because whites value their people more. Ceratin blacks who are negative like this and want to hurt innocent blacks need to be in Africa because our fellow blacks who are leaders over their know how to deal with them. If these blacks who hurt other blacks are angry with the whites then they know where whites are. But they are scared of being punished so they stay away from whites and hurt other innocent blacks, some blacks are on the verge of vigilante behavior becaus ethey are sick and tired of the negative blacks. Good essay Mark keep the faith Man.

By Chance

mark said...

Yo chance thank you for your comments and support. My belief is that its all about that truth even if that truth produces somethings that make folk feel uncomfortable. Including myself. Truth is our society and civilization is not as advanced as it needs to be. When we understand that freedom comes with responsibility. And that respect is a fundemental componet of freedom. I do however have hope for us, although it will take a civil rights type of effort to change things. But I will always tell the truth no matter how much flack I catch. Mark

Asabagna said...

Excellent post Mark... speaking power to truth and with sincere passion as usual! I agree 100% with your theme... I look around and it's "white" people who are at the forefront attempting to bring attention to these atrocities and continually advocating for intervention.

What can we do!? As a community, are we too caught up, and weary from our own struggles to be able to care and/or fight for those of African descent being brutalized in other parts of the world? Especially by their own Black leaders or country men? Are we too caught up and weary from figthing our "own" personal battles, to be able to care for those of "us" who are being brutalized by others of "us"? If this is so, then it's an excuse.... a poor excuse...

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To mark

You know I am with you on that Mark yes we must speak the truth even if we catch a lot of hatred and anger for it. Keep it real Mark like you always do.