Monday, May 08, 2006

How to get Young black Youth Reading and Writing on thier correct level.

I beleive that education is the most expiedent tool for salvation and advancement that has ever been created. It is truly the great equalizer. As it stands today even poor people can get access to a universe of knowledge via the internet. Most people in america rich or poor have a better quality of life than 99% percent of the people who have ever lived. Life is always going to be a lot more difficult if you cant or arent proffecient at reading and writing. It is also my belief that reading opens up portals of understanding and nuance that are available in no other ways. It is my belief that reading and writing are the passport to learning. Reading and writing are the most important tools one can have in thier toolbox. Thier have been studies over the last forty years that desicively demonstrate the relationship between reading to your kids when they are young and later academic achievement. It has been proven that if a child has parents that read who make them read those kids tend to have more success in the classroom. These studies also show that when education and learning are made the dominant priorities and parents demand high standards from thier kids those kids have an easier time in the classroom throughout thier lifetime. This leads to academic confidence as well as other benefits. With education people are much more likely to achieve finacial, academic and social success in life. So heres my big idea that I just had t blog about a little on.

I think thier should be a law or some other kind of mandate that say's if a women signs up for welfare she must take parenting and job training classes and pass. She must also take reading classes so in order to be able to help teach her kids how to read. Maybe there should be a bonus, that welfare recipients could earn if thier children are able to read at the appropiate level. What if we came up with a campaign orginized through the churches, social orginizations, parents teachers ect to heavily promote this idea. What would happen if we put the same energy of a civil rights movement into getting young black youth to read. If we could find a way to present the fundemental value of education in a way that everybody could understand I believe we could then create the moral obligation to apply more Positive social pressure on all sides including teachers, parents ect.

It is my oppinion that we as a group of people spend far to much money on clothes, shoes and other frivilous items. If we took 40% of the resources and time spent on those before mentioned items and put them into reading, writing and rythmitic I believe we would be much better off. At this point I believe we could began to awaken the sleeping but powerful intellectual giant that lives in us. All black people would be lifted through this process. The country would be lifted because truly educating black people means higher wages and mass employment of black people. It also means more black owned business serving the needs of the black community. These two things alone would mean more money flowing into the goverment coffers through taxes. More black men working, means less of them in jail the goverment would save money on housing inmates, adjudicating criminal cases, welfare ect, which means less money would be coming out of the goverment coffers in those areas. I believe these things in part can be accomplished by black folk if we switch and totally focus our game on education.

P.S As these are rough ideas I hope we can smooth them out and make some of them relevant. I look forward to all progressive suggestions. Mark Bey

Reading and Writing campaign.

1) Make it a policy that every kid needs to be able to read.
2) Everyone who collects welfare should have to take parenting classes.
3) All of their children need to be reading at grade level.

4)If the parents cannot read they should be taugh by volunteer highschool or college students. In many cases they need the volunteer hours anyway.

5) Create debate clubs with kids starting at very young ages
6) Make every child keep a journal that must be updated every day. Make them write out plans for ordinary things such as chores, going to school, ect. . Make being able to read and write compentantly a major goal.

7) Use the National network of churces to promote the reading and writing program.
8) Set up debating and toastmaster clubs amongst black people, promote and create a market amongst ourselves. To be supplied and managed by ourselves.All our church programs, and community programs should create debate teams amongst black youth and teens finding ways to make it fun.


Potential said...

Very good ideas you have. However, I am not for asking the government for 1 more thing. I don't think we should put anymore effort into them doing anything for us. I think we'll just get to caught up in putting our energy into begging when we could be doing something directly for our people ourselves. Sometimes i think of just doing a little something in my neighborhood where I can just try and do activities with the kids. Nothing too intense just something.
You mention mothers on welfare but the kids whose are not welfare recipients are just as messed up. I think a big problem with these parents is that they are very materialistic and selfish and immature (not that it's their fault) so they are not really trying to take time to work their kids. My friend who use to teach in compton told me that she had 1 black student in her class ( the rest of the class was mexican) and the black child's parent did not know what grade her child was in. How crazy is that? I kind of thinking that we may have to just really put more focus on the kids and not put any focus on the parents at all because they are off the hook! not all of them but a lot of them are.

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.