Monday, May 22, 2006


According to information release by the FBI congressman William Jefferson (D-LA) who has represented Louisiana's 2nd Distric since 1991 is being investigated for bribery and other charges of corruptions. According to an Affadavid the Congressman who has been under investigation since last summer was allegedly recorded on video tape putting a brief case full of $100,000 into his car. FBI officials claim that $90,000 was later found in the Congressmans freezer wrapped in aluminum foil in packs of $10,000. The $100 dollar bills that made up the stacks had the same serial numbers as those in the brief case according to the FBI. Jefferson who has not been charged proclaims his innocence and say's hell run for re eclection. On Saturday and Sunday, May 20 and 21 the FBI searched the Congressman's office. According to a senate historian this is the first time in the history of the senate that a Congressmans office has been searched.

Jefferson is a senior member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee and its subcommittee on Trade. He is also a member of the House Committee on the Budget. He serves as Co-Chair of the Africa Trade and Investment Caucus as well as the Congressional Caucuses on Brazil and Nigeria. Already 1 of Jeffersons aides has pleaded guilty. A Kentucky business man named Vernon Jordan has admitted to paying Jefferson over $400,000 dollars in bribe money to secure help in getting contracts for Jacksons telecommunications company. According to information contained in the Affadavid the money was intended for Abubakar Atiku, Nigeria's vice president who owns a home in Potomac, Md. According to the Affadavid a northern virginia business woman who complained to the FBI about bieng ripped off by Jefferson and a business associate agreed to wear a wire and was able to record conversations between her and Jefferson.
The house ethics committee has launched its own investigation of the congressman.

Whether or not Jefferson is found guilty or innocent the republicans will try to use his case to neutrilize the cloud of corruption that hovers over thier party. The Republicans have suffered several black eyes over the past few years in the forms of corruption and ethical violations. This is an early christmas gift for the Gop who have taken a serious hit in the polls along with George Bush. It makes no difference if Jefferson is convicted or not the Repuplicans would be fools not to use this to thier political advantage. The democrats who had planned on turning the 2006 congressional elections into a referedum on republican corruption and ethical violations will now have to present a clear plan on where they plan on leading the country over the next couple of years. They will not be able to win seats in the house and senate based on not bieng Republicans. So now the question left is if Congressman Jefferson is indicted will he play the race card. Over the years the race card has been used by several African american politicians and celebrities. From Marion Barry to OJ Simpson The most recent use of the race card was by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia after she struck a capitol police officer. Although Jefferson has been charged with no wrong doing, if indicted I wouldnt be the least bit suprised if he plays the race cark. Although things arent looking to good for Ole Jefferson right now only time will tell. Mark Bey


Roderick said...

Mark can you say that McKinney wasn't harrassed because she was black?

I'm sure you're aware that she was harrassed during her first tenure in the House. I'm not saying that she should have punched old boy in the chest but I've talked to several women who said that they would have reacted the same way if they were touched from behind as she was.

mark said...

Rod I cant say that she wasnt harrassed. But black folks are harassed every day in this country. If she was harrased she as an elected official she has a bully pulpit that most folks black or white have and I sure thier are congressional laws that deal with the capitol police if they get out of control. Also the officer asked her to stop 3 times and she didnt, if she had stopped like the officer had asked her non of this would ever have happened. Bottom line. Mark

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

05 23 06

Hey Mark:
Good post. I agree with you about Rep. McKinney and the situation with corrupt politicians is really disheatening. I think Congressman Jefferson is caught between a rock and a hard spot. Because many politicians are corrupt and get away with it; but since he and Rep McKinney are Black, they are more visible. Whenever a Black politician screws up, it just sets us back further and it saddens me because who are we to have as role models? Politicians are supposed to help us; they are public servants, but instead all of these yahoos abuse their position and authority, imho. And that seems to be a quality that rears its head regardless of race.