Wednesday, May 31, 2006


No group, person or religion has a monopoly on the truth, righteousness, intelligence, nobility or morality. No man or women is inherently more value than any other man or woman. We are all unfinished works or works in progress as I’ve heard some say. I believe that growth stagnates when folks just assume they know everything, or they know best all the time. Same goes for religion, when one religion is intolerant to other religions or scientific truths being discovered every day.

Tell me who was given wisdom enough to decide which religion will be the official language of the country. Who's to decide what religion should be expressed in government schools and offices instead of some other religion. There have been times in my life when I just knew I was right about something but turns out I was wrong or their was another viable answer. There are answers to the world's problems that have yet to be discovered. If we (man) will not listen to one another, learn and respect each other, then it is my belief that all of the benefits that come with those things will be delayed indefinitely. I’m talking about new technology, cures for incurable disease anything that can be imagined.Their is a whole universe of knowledge out their waiting to be explored.If folks would understand that its not about me or you but about human life and progress. Life would flow so much smoother. Life would also flow smoother if everyone was willing to listen and allow themselves to walk in the next persons shoes before coming to any conclusions . Though it can become hard not to judge especially when one passionate about something.

Keeping an open mind can be challenging when one has invested a lot of time and emotional energy into a way of thinking or doing something. I believe that everyone should search for the truth enearstly and honestly regardless of where that truth may lead. To seek out the truth no matter how painful it is, is noble act indeed. In my opinion an open mind is the prelude to, superior reasoning skills and a willingness to conduct all of ones business on the up and up or fairly. This makes life much better and easier. In fact I don’t think it would be a bad idea if all people conducted their daily business with a general attitude of tolerance and open mindedness. We could truly do great things immediately underneath this type of back drop. Mark Bey


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Bullfrog said...

What you call "religious tolerance" I call intellectual suicide. To ignore the vast differences between world religions in the name of "fairness" or "tolerance" means ignoring logic and reason.

If 2 religions are at odds on some subject, either one of them is right, or they are both wrong, but they both CANNOT be right.

Let's take Jesus Christ as an example:

The Koran teaches that Jesus was just a prophet, nothing more, while the Holy Bible teaches that He was God incarnate.

Either the Koran is correct, or the Bible is correct, or they are both inaccurate. To say, "I'm okay, you're okay" in this situation is to defy logic, a gift given to us by God to find truth.

The only way to know for sure whether the Koran or the Bible is accurate is to test the documents. The Koran was written by Mohammed hundreds of years after the Bible and is full of inaccuracies, while the Bible is one of the most historically reliable documents ever published. No comparison.

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