Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Clown Watch

This post will be ongoing and from time to time updated . In order to be listed on Clown Watch
one must either do someting exceedingly stupid, hypocrital or trifling. Make no mistake about C watch is for those deemed guilty of "HIGH COONING". Trust us one must truly do something they could never have any justification for to make an appearance on the watch. All parties listed on the Watch have had thier case files reviewed and then cleared for Clown posting by the Provincial Ghetto and Street Cred Association or PGSCA for short. The PGSCA was created to expose the most virulent clowns in the black community and to formally recognize thier Cooning.

1) The good Reverend Jesse Jackson has been placed on the list for producing a baby out of wedlock. Any preacher who is sixty years old, who is married, and a respected black Icon who chooses to make a baby out of wedlock is eligible for this list. What makes his crime particularly coonish is the fact that he counseling President Bill Clinton while carry on his own affair with an employee of his rainbow coalition. Also his shenanigans took place at a time where hundreds of thousands of african americans were bieng infected with the aids virus. Primarily due to unprotected sex. Instead of bieng a revolutionary leader and promoted safe and responsible sex this fool is having unprotected sex with someone other that his wife during the time of aids. Way to go Jesse you are a shining example of what everyman should strive to be.

2) Our second person who has earned his way into da C Watch is Evander (Real Deal) Holyfield. Holyfield who is widely considered to be one of best counter punchers in the history of boxing diffenately has a pair. Problems is although he proclaimed to be a christian Real Deal spawned not 1 or 2 but several out of wedlock children while proclaiming his christianity. The members of the PGSCA were on to his ass after his first love child. What a man does on his own time is his busissness however Kids outside of marriage will earn any man a place on da watch. Beautiful example you set thier for all of the kids and folks who looked up to you as an example. Its christians like you and Jesse that make folks non believeers.

3) Jacob Zuma former South African Deputy president and current Deputy president of the ruling party ( The African National Congress). In June 2005 Zuma's finacial advisor , Scabir Shaik was convicted of fraud and corruption, this also led to his dismissal as Deputy President. Zuma who will be tried on corruption charges himself later this year was cleared of rape charges. The reason why Zuma is bieng honored on Da C Watch is because during his rape trial he admitted to having sex with a friend of his daughter. This young lady was hiv positive at the time and Zuma was aware of this. Mr Zuma stated that after sex with the young lady he took a shower to decrease his chances of contracting hiv. Now South Africa has one of the highest rates of hiv infection in all of africa a continent that has been devestated by the desease. So it would appear that Zuma has discovered a new way to fight Aids. Have sex with a person who hiv positive, take a shower and bam you are protected. Africa is arguably the least educated place on the planet, all over the continent they have rituals and traditions some silly some truly evil that defy all logic and common sense, they also have some murderous sexual practices and behaviors. At a time when all of africans could benifit from competent leadership, Zuma, who was a Deputy president, who was 63 and a role model to millions of Africans decides to engage in behaviour that has resulted in 10 million orphans in Africa alone. No doubt about this guy is a clown in the most profound sense of the world. If Jacob Zuma's actions dont qaulify as high cooning then we ( the PGSCA) suspect that there is no such thing as cooning. Of course we know that cooning is alive and well and Jacob Zuma is indeed one of its icons. Way to go Jake


The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

Hey Mark

You are just keeping it real and honest about certain leaders and it is nothing personal blacks leaders on clown watch. Hey mark said you have to meet certain requirements to end up on the clown watch. Thanks for letting us know who did what mark because some fellow blacks don't know what black leader did what.

Keep it real Mark and keep us posted.

Oh Mark quarterback back michael vick had sex with a woman and gave her herpes. Michael Vick just settled a lawsuit with the woman for some money. Vick had herpes and still had sex with the woman in 2003 and Vick knew he had heres before he had sex with her but did not tell herp. Now I ask how many other women did he have sex with and they got herpes and don't know they got it from Michael Vick.

Peace Mark

By chance

mark said...

Yo Chance If Micheal Vick gave that girl herpes on purposes that would make him a coon. Let me do some research on the topic I still dont think I would list that one but thier are so many clowns to be
highlighted. Mark

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Mark

I feel Ya on that BRUH!

By chance

Asabagna said...

Funny! and true!